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Essaouira can be identified as one of Morocco’s most popular resort town alongside Casablanca and other towns. The beauty of this 19th century town is a blend of the mystical port, winding beach streets filled with enormous sand dunes and its incredible range of Morocco Hotels

The walled white town, the ramparts, the colonnades, the craftsmen working behind closed doors, the harbour with its boat builders and sardine fishermen and the wooded hills dominating the skyline all offer a colorful and pleasant backdrop to the beach. It is no wonder this town is called “Essaouira”, which means an image, for it is the perfect photograph seen from any angle.

Many of the tourists visiting Essaouira are drawn by its sandy beach, but equally the strong wind known here as “alizee”. The high wind tides are popular part of this town that commonly markets itself as the Windy town of Morocco. The beach has made Essaouira Morocco’s top windsurfing destination with many surfing competitions in summer attract both sports men, spectators and tourists alike.

Tourist sightseeing in Essaouira

Essaouira is a great place to walk around and explore. The stone ramparts and turrets, the tranquil and immense windswept beach and the perfectly preserved maze-like Medina have made Essaouira the most popular town in the Atlantic coast.

Some of the very important sights on Morocco Holidays in Essaouira include visiting the

Skala de laVille

a collection many 19th century canons from Europe located near the Prince Moulay Hassan palace. From here, take a clear view of the Mellah quarters, the sea and the Medina for the significant cliffs

Marquetry Workshops

are another sight in Essaouira Morocco. The workshops are very significant production point for many of Morocco’s art and sculptures with some truly excellent pieces found in the Afalkay Art at Place Prince Moulay Al Hassan emporium!

The port of Essaouira is bustle of trade and fishing boats. Visit the sea bastions (

Skala du port

) for a wide view of the harbor and also catch sight of the Ile du Mogador, the walled Medina and capture the colorful, laid-back image of Essaouira

Essaouira Hotel and accommodation

Essaouira has a great choice of hotels with a good standard Morocco Accommodation and facilities. Most of the hotels are within town, near the beach and 2 km south of the Quartiers des Dunes. Some of the Essaouira Morocco hotels include Residence Al Arboussas Hotel, a former houses completely remodeled into a classy Essaouira hotel, Hotel el Mehdi Residence, Sofitel Thalassa Mogador at the beach, Hotel Ryad Mogador Beach Hotel, Hotel des Iles Essaouira located near the Medina entrance and Hotel Al Jasira Essaouira among many others. However, as with other popular destinations in Morocco, Essaouira Hotels are full to capacity at the peak of the Morocco holiday season and prior booking is very important.

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