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For trekking devotees, the finest destination this country has to offer you are the

tall Atlas Mountains

. This area is so isolated and is rarely explored by people except for the resident Berber tribe. There is a variety of treks on can participate in and these range from short-distance walks in the cedar forest to the long walks on the steeply tilted and rocky slopes.

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During winter, the higher regions of the Atlas Mountains cannot be accessed of the bad mountain pathways. Some other regions turn into winter paradises with smaller ski resorts and a variety of downhill skiing fun. Another trekking destination which unfortunately is less traveled is the Jbel Sarhro.  This Jbel Sarhro extends to the high Atlas Mountains & the anti Atlas.

In this expanse you can clearly view the distant Sahara Desert. The terrain is covered with mesas, volcanic pinnacles and mesas which are brightened by the growing almond groves and the palms. Morocco is a semi arid nation with a diversity of terrains all waiting you to explore on your visit.Accommodation in Morocco ranges from hotels,lodges,guest houses and apartments,they are offered at a discount rate.

It may require about 5 to 20days to trek across the Jbel Sarhro all depending on the items you want to view. When it comes to choosing the trekking option to do, it may be quite challenging due to the many options for available to make your pick from. The commonest destination that has been chosen by most visitors is the Bab n-Ali. Trekking in the Atlas Mountains takes you to unique rock formations that are geographically uncommon. For instance, the Head of the Camel cliffs which project over the Igli and the Tete De Chamaux are all rather very different. These cliffs are striking in beauty and size. Available is the Taggourt Plateau which is a perfect platform for trekkers to stare back onto the terrain they have left behind them. The stiking red and green terrain is a piece for all tourists marvel at. There are a number of rock formations, plateaus, and mountain peaks to explore in this region.

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It takes 2 to 3 days to hike and reach Tizi n Tazazert. From this locality, one can take a 5 day loop to the Handeour Valley which has dry river-beds for you to explore. The most spectacular places in Jbel Sarhro is the Tamouline and the Jbel Bou Rhdad. These twin peaks are open for trekking to the public. Although these twin peaks are not as high as high as the Jbel Toubkal, they are quite impressive as the Atlas Mountains which are far taller.

Because the Jbel Sarhro mountainous region was long ago dotted with active volcanoes, it has a lot to add to your panorama. Along the trekking pathways are some ancient volcanic rocks that you will marvel at.

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