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Rabat Morocco

If you are planning to visit the wonderful country Morocco, there is a particular destination that you should not miss visiting, the Rabat. This is the capital city of morocco and holds a population of over 1.5 million natives. Visitors come from all corners of the world to catch sight of this enthralled place. And being the capital city of the country, it a haven for the fines hotels and eating places in Morocco.

Not only is Rabat bustling with activities to partake and view, it is endowed with immaculate breathe taking beauty, which beauty is very hard to find anywhere in the world.

A Travel Guide To Rabat Morocco

When you visit Rabat, you won’t fail to notice the large amounts of water rounding this area. This all spices up on the outstanding beauty of the place. Interestingly, Rabat is seated on the great Atlantic Ocean, thus making it a popularly visited place by tourists. In addition, the city is also located at the mouth of River Bou Regreg.  The immaculate and beautiful environment around Rabat has made it a prime financial source to the country’s tourism industry.

Because of the diverse culture this city holds, this is another reason explaining the vast number of tourists that flock Rabat. While in Rabat, it is important you visit Mohammed V Theater which has a very astonishing building and is situated in the center of the city. Within this very vicinity you will find numerous official galleries and an archeological museum. Rabat is the perfect destination for first-time visitors in Morocco. Visiting this place will equip you with a lot of knowledge about things you never knew about.

When To Visit

During your visit in Rabat, you may visit Temara. This Moroccan area is situated in Rabat’s green belt. Factually the entire terrain of Temara is spread with both natural and artificial forests.

Having a first-time sight at these green forests with certainly take your breath-away. This will definitely be a site that you together with your family will enjoy; as it will give the opportunity to view Rabat’s other side that not so many people have been able to see.

Therefore if you are searching for a place not only offers fun but also luxurious hotels and tasty cuisines, search no further than Rabat, Morocco’s capital. This is a destination that has something to offer for everyone in the family regardless of their age. After visiting the small cities within this wonderful city, you will definitely feel the urge of returning yet again for another  tour. You will surely find no place like this on the entire globe.

Rabat is the capital city of Morocco and also ranks as the third largest city in Morocco. The name Rabat means Fortified Place since it is the home of the Kingdom of Morocco. Also located on the Atlantic Ocean and on the delta of river Bou Regreg, Rabat is thus the most important city in Morocco and attracts a considerable number of tourists.

Tourist Attractions

The main city gate of

Bab Oudaia

to the Kasbah in Rabat, one of the most beautiful external Moorish monuments in Morocco constructed in 1146 by Yaqub Al Mansur as he oved his empire to Rabat .Today the Kasbah remains a ruined site as well as for the Hassan Tower since construction stopped at the death of Yaqub.


Mohammed V theatre

is the biggest tourist point in Rabat found in the city centre. Here you’ll also fin d some art galleries, museums  and cultural centres striving to preserve the rich heritage of Morocco


Kasbah mosque

on the Kasbah des Oudaias is one of the oldest sights that Rabat has known since 1050. Although it was rebuilt in the 18th century, this mosque remains an antique for Morocco history. The Andalusian Gardens highlight the beauty of the Kasbah courtyard giving you a total relaxing place before you continue to other palces

Palace of Almohad Palace was constructed in the 17th century and today houses the museum of Moroccan Art and Culture. This great art by Moulay Ismail takes you through the history morocco, its art, architecture and music through its wide range of items exhibited.


Hasssan II mosque

is another of the most famous landmarks in Rabat. Constructed in 1195 the mosque’s minaret illuminates the Rabat sky at 40m high. This majestic sight can be seen even as you visit the port on river Bou Regreb.

Not far from the mosque is

Mohammed V Masoleum

that houses the tombs of the former Kings of Morocco. Constructed after the independence of Morocco, the Masoleum is unique piece of modern Moroccan architecture with zellij mosaics and spiralling designs.

Other interesting places to visit in Rabat Morocco include Chella Necripolis, the Rabat Archaelogical Museum, Rabat Port and the Parliamentary building.

Rabat Hotels and Accommodation

Hotels in Rabat Morocco are in plenty although earlier booking is recommended during July (summer), a month for many Morocco festivities.

Sofitel Hotel Rabat is a prominent luxury Rabat hotel located only a 5 minutes walk from the major Embassies and offices (within the city centre). This 4-star hotel boasts of spacious hotel rooms, 24/7 service, airport shuttles, swimming pool, health spa and other facilities. Other luxury hotels in Rabat include Hilton Rabat Hotel,Chellah Rabat Hotel, Hotel Royal Rabat and many others

Getting there

There is a train station in Rabat with route to Marrakech and Casablanca every day. You can as well travel by air using Royal Air Maroc flights and land at Rabat Sale Airport form where you can hire a car to take you through the different part of Rabat and other interesting towns in Morocco.