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This park is the sole marine park in Mozambique gazetted as a Mozambique Marine park in May 1971 although borders of the park were extended in 2001 to cover more islands and parts off the Vilanculos coast- a total of 1430sq km.

The park covers areas of the islands of Bazaruto (the largest), Margaruque, Banguerra, santa Carolina, Pansy Shell and Banque among others. The islands have a lush tropical climate and include huge dunes, forest and savannah, inland lakes and wetlands


The park was created in order to protect dugong and marine turtles and their respective habitats. The park protects the largest populations of dugongs in western Indian ocean. Due to their significance the vegetation of the islands, the coral reefs, marine birds and the fauna of the park were also included.

Other marine life in the park include lizards, terrestrial gastropods, humpback whales, bottlenose dolphins, marlins, barracuda

Travel Guide

The park is situated in the Inhambane province on and along the coast of Vilanculos and Inhassoro districts. Bazaruto National Park can be accessed road or air up to Vilanculos and thereafter by boat or plane to the islands.

The park has three camps (Sitone and Zenguelrmo in the island of Bazaruto and Chizungune in the island of Benguerua) and monitoring posts in the islands of Magaruque and Santa Carolina. At Vilanculos there is also a park support camp.

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