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Mozambique holds some of the most spectacular and romantically set up


in the world in addition to the tropical climate, the archipelago present a 2,500 kilometer stretch of white sandy beaches. The beautiful palm trees together with the blue warm calm waters create a perfect beach vacation environment for you to unwind and appreciate the beauty of true nature! Whether you prefer to sun bathe or swim in the shallow waters, surfing, or take a dive at the good scube diving, these beaches located on this paradise of Mozambique.

Enjoy Your Holiday In Mozambique

The current economy in Mozambique is believed to hold a high potential because of the numerous natural resources and the large variety of cash crops. Agriculture contributes 25% of the total domestic products in the country and offers employment opportunity for more than 80% of the total Mozambique population through subsistence operations. Despite of this,


is a major contributor to the country’s economy.

And most of the tourists visit the country because of its international-top-class diving experience offered by majority of the coastal resorts and towns.

The panorama of diving alongside the Whale Sharks has interested many divers including both armatures and professionals from all over the world. Whale sharks do not inhabit the sea regions around south eastern Asia because of the legal hunting that natives practiced decades of years ago and the illegal still happen hunting that has made these mammals shy from humans.

The steamy waters and the neighboring coral wildlife provide


with a panorama of the most breath taking marine wildlife, fully satisfying the visitors need to view marine eve if the whale sharks don’t appear.similar to all reefs in the entire world, the coral reefs in Mozambique’s water are among the carefully balanced ecosystem that is tormented.  The escalating tourism and increasing level of industrialization in the mainland have greatly impacted the coral reefs in a negative way.

What To Do

The resident Whale Sharks which are large in size and are easy to observe feed on plankton and there are used to do a fine test to understand the state of this fragile ecosystem.

Being the lowest nutrition form in the marine food-chain, these are easily affected by slight changes in the environment for example change in oxygen levels and temperature.

Therefore these creatures are the best indicators of the condition of this ecosystem. However due to their small sizes, it is difficult to observe them so by the time we notice that they are affected it is too late. For that reason therefore the Whale Shark remain the accurate means to monitor the condition of this ocean and estimate the availability of plankton and its general behavior.The resort beaches offer various kinds of accommodation and the choice depends on what you want.They  offer excellent facilities and services to all their tourists.

Mozambique beaches

are quite stunning below the water as they are above. There are very few destinations in Africa with laid back natural, dreamy white sand beaches with a diverse variety of marine life as it is with Mozambique. Surprising about this place is that it doesn’t necessitate you to be a skilled diver to enjoy this amazing marine life. There are a number of diving schools in the area along the coast, and if you are unfamiliar with swimming, you can watch the reefs using goggles and a snorkel.

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