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The most rewarding and exciting experience is


in the crystal-clear warm waters of the Indian Ocean.

Mozambique is among the best diving places in the world, with a notably well-preserved coral reef, with a rich diversity of marine that can be enjoyed by divers of which ever level.

The sea temperature range between 21?C in winter-time and 30?C in the summer, while the arrangement of the reefs offer coral arches, pinnacles and over hangs among many more.

Travel Guide To Scuba Diving in Mozambique

The depth of the reefs varies from about 10meters – 40meters and presents beautiful scenery over the terrain, the coral and the more than 6,000 different fish species.  The reef has attracted a diversity of fish species to itself while the corals are a haven of intensely colored small fish such as

schooling-banner fish, blue-stripped snappers, goldies, butterfly fish, trigger fish, barred sweetlips and the Moorish idols.

Mozambique offers an excellent environment for diving all throughout the year, and a variety of diving as well as snorkeling itineraries can be well planned for you. Among the commonly seen reef species of fish are barracuda, moray eels, lots of kingfish, manta rays, large lobsters and sharks. Between December & April the largest fish in the whole world- the whale shark which weighs about 15 tons with an average length of 14 meters.Dolphins, green, leather back and loggerhead turtles are usually seen above the water waves. On the other hand Humpback Wales are commonly seen during the months of August to October and the lucky few will get the opportunity to see the uncommon dugong. Majority of the accommodations found in Mozambique are welcoming to all divers of whatever level, and lessons can be planned for starters and those who wish to better their skill.

Things To Do

Because of the numerous

exciting activities

to partake, it is so unusual for beaches and their surrounding islands to be borrowing. In addition you may undertake a dhow sail or have a safari tour or visit the vibrant markets. A number of visitor rather to stay in the southern part of the country close to Maputo the capital city , where the well manage transport system and roads lead to up-to-date facilities.

The night life in the capital is so happening with numerous jazz bars, cafes, and dancing clubs that play the awesome marrabenta rhythms typical of Mozambique.

Accessing your personal finances may not be very easy so it is advisable to do proper research and well plan before your trip. Research about the ideal ways to money or access it while in Mozambique. The ideal time to take your tour is from May to November when the temperatures are between 24 to 27 and the climate is moderately cool around the coastline.

What To See

Majority of the visitors and travelers travel north of Maputo to enjoy the

beautiful resort beaches and safari lodges

at Tofo and other places such as Bazaruto Archipelago and Vilankulo.  Travelers seeking adventure in a more private but unique environment may opt to use the less traveled road and explore the further  north to see the natural untouched environment which has fewer visiting tourists.

This precious country endowed with breath taking beaches, coral reefs and colored islands is the perfect destination to visit while it still remains undiscovered to many tourists

. The native are very hospitable and very eager to receive and warmly welcome visitors. As you pack your so many belongings for your trip, don’t forget to pack your sunglasses the rich beauty of Mozambique is stunning!

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