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Mozambique Travel agents and safari companies are the answer! All Mozambique travel agents are registered with the tourist board and are already equipped with first Mozambique tourist information, can organize a Mozambique holiday to the different islands of the

Bazaruto archipelago

and also find you the best Mozambique hotels that fit into your budget plans.

There are a variety of things to do on your Mozambique holiday such as bird watching,

wildlife tours

, hiking, scuba diving and s


, swimming, choose to sail away on a traditional dhow to the

Bazaruto marine park

and have an amazing time.

Mozambique Tour companies listed here are trusted travel agents and can organize Mozambique safari and holiday itinerary including Mozambique hotels bookings, accommodation, flights , ticketing , car hires, arrange 4X4 vehicle safaris, transfers and above make you feel welcome and at home in a foreign Land!

Before you commit on which

Mozambique tour operator

and safari company to use, look at and read travel reviews and articles of previous tours in Mozambique, which recommendations are given and then zero the best tour companies in Mozambique. Some of them include;

Tours & Travel Mozambique

Tours & Travel Mozambique is a fresh, youthful Mozambican Travel Agent that shows the best of Mozambique, from the beaches, to the wildlife. Our staff and guides are all Mozambican giving you a true African experience.
Phone: 2130 2155
Avenida 24 de Julho 776, Maputo, Mozambique

Orient Travel & Tours

Mozambiquewe book airline ticket, hotel reservation, local transport, and religious tour.
Orient Travel & Tours Mozambique is a specialist leisure travel agency offering Airfares, Accommodation, Tours, and Exciting Holiday Packages.We offer dream travel packages and deals in order for you to experience great vacations or tours all across the world.
Fernao Magalhaes no 586 Hotel 2001
Maputo, Mozambique
Today 8:00am – 12:30pm, 2:00pm – 5:00pm
Phone +258 21 300 862
Email [email protected]

World Around Tours

World Around Tours specializes in holiday packages, hotel bookings, car rentals, visa assistance, group bookings for meetings, conferences, tickets to special events, etc. May the purpose of visit be business, leisure, honeymoon, family vacation, meetings, conferences, special events, etc, we can assist with all your needs. We adhere to our principles in providing quality assistance with best care and attention to details.
No. 418, 4th Floor, 33 Andar
Mozambique Maputo, Mozambique
Phone 00258 2132887
Email [email protected]

Tours Maputo

Tours Maputo is Mozambique’s freshest Travel Agency giving visitors access to the best Maputo and surrounds. City tours, and much more
Av. 24 de Julho 776
Maputo, Mozambique

Simara Travel and Tours

Welcome to Simara Travel and Tours, Lda., over 10 years in the travel industry. Is one of the tour operators located in centre of Maputo. Recognized by the Department of Turism in Mocambique and AVITUM- the Association of the Travel and Tour operators Agencies in Mocambique.
Av. 24 de Julho nº 1249
Maputo, Mozambique
Phone Tel: +258 21 303825/29, Fax: +258 21 303830
Email [email protected]

Tel/Fax 27 (0) 13 750-1885
Mobile 27 (0) 82 697-6058
E-mail :Tours
to enquire about Day Tours and Overland Tours

Thompsons Indaba Safaris
Tel: 013-7900401
Fax: 013-7900406
Cell: 00 27 0829263716
Email: [email protected]
Fly In Safari Company
+27 21 858 1562

Mokore Safaris
7 Stable Close, Borrowdale, Harare, Zimbabwe
Tel: +263.4.883462 (Harare House)
Cell: +263.712.621245

The T. Jeffrey Safari company
P O BOX 217 1505 west saint Mary’s road
(866) 470 0470
[email protected]

Travel Tips

Situated on the south east coast of Africa, Mozambique is ranked among Africa’s coastal gems. It is popular for its crystal clear blue waters, beautiful coral reefs and large variety of marine animals.

This once Portuguese settlement has a diversity of cultures which attracts numerous adventure devotees.Since the overwhelming civil war that lasted for approximately 17 years which ended in 1992, Mozambique started rebuilding itself.

This area has also started to open its boundaries to tourist travels for individuals who want to experience the pristine environment.

Travel Advise To Mozambique

Great Neighbourhood

Mozambique is neighbored by Tanzania, Swaziland, Zambia, South Africa, Malawi and Zimbabwe and it also acts as a base if anyone is interested in visiting the neighboring countries. And equally a visit in Mozambique can turn out into a tour to the neighboring countries.

Getting Around

The road network is well planned and majority of the prime routes in Mozambique are maintained frequently.2WD vehicles are used to access to access majority of the prime centers and other popular towns, although a 4WD will provide better travel advantages and present an opportunity to travel to further destinations. There are many

car hire companies

to cater for those interested in self-drive tours.If you rather be driven in a safer and convenient ride, there are many mini buses operated by professional drivers heading to and fro the main cites.

If you prefer to experience this wonderful country, travel more full safaris, as over-land travel adventure companies offer the best packages.

In most cases these companies combine a number of on-land tours which pass through various countries, thus offering travels the chance to go through a diverse African countries travel experience.

Climate and weather

Mozambique weather is characterized by mild climate with normal temperatures ranging in the higher twenty -20 degree Celsius. The days are sunny and moderately warm all through the year making the country perfect for maximum- enjoyment tours.During the summer time which is between October – April, it is usually hot, rainy and wet. Then between april and September which is the winter season, it is much drier and comfortable for visitors who are not familiar with the warm and very humid weather associated with this area.

That does not actually mean that you shouldn’t

travel Mozambique

during the summer season because the temperature and amounts of rainfall vary among the different parts of the country. The Niassa & Nampula high lying areas are the most ones while the coastal areas in the north east areas are very hot.The northern area receives higher rainfall amounts as compared to the south.

So if you are planning to have a tour through Mozambique, the most appropriate time to visit is that nearing the winter season. The drier season usually makes animals gather in larger groups as compared to those in the summer. This summer season offers and ideal  fishing platform because of the large fish that flood the water during this season of the year.

Diving In Mozambique

Mozambique is an internationally popular diving country with many spectacular reefs that hold a diversity of marine life. The moderately warm waters with rich marine life that includes sharks, whales, colored fish and dolphins make this a perfect diving destination for visitors to enjoy.
Buzaruto Archipelago is the most popular area among diving fans and is comprised of 4 islands namely Bnguerra, santa Carollina. The corals at archipelago and the crystal clear waters present the best ranking scuba diving and snorkeling in Africa. If your tour in Mozambique is limited to one destination, then this is the perfect place to visit in the whole of Mozambique.


The Metical is the monetary currency used in Mozambique. It was new currency was introduced in the middle of 2006 and is used together with the old Meticais which are slowly being faded out.

In the southern regions of the country, the Us Dollar, Pound Sterling and South African Rand are used widely for transactions.

Credit cards are somewhat accepted, but specifically by large tourist related businesses and large hotels. So generally you must be aware that your credit card will not be accepted in Mozambique.

Health Precautions

Being a risky area to catch malaria, it is very important that very important that visitor take good precautions while preparing to visit.To lessen the malaria risk, it is recommended that travels regularly wear trousers and long sleeved shirts and use reliable mosquito repellents on the uncovered skin as often as possible.

To refrain mosquitoes from entering, windows and all doors to your accommodation facilities should be well screened and also endeavor to used treated mosquito nets.Another important aspect is to take anti malaria drugs.

However, you should be aware that there are some side effects related with some medications, therefore consult from a travel clinic or your personal doctor to make sure that you are properly protected before taking any medication.

Because of the destruction that resulted from the sad historic war, the country is still rebuilding itself and all it hopes for is a better future by taking good advantage of its naturally endowed beauty.So if you are after having an ecosystem tour, adventure or leisure tour, this country is a pleasant humid destination that will satisfy your every need. It is a true example of paradise.


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