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The Brandberg Mountain commonly referred to as just Brandberg is located in the Erongo region in Namibia and is the highest Mountain in the whole country. It rises up to a height of about 2500 meters and is best known for the hiking trails and rock paintings. It got its name Brandberg which means Mountain on fire due to the image that is portrayed when the sun rays hit the rock paintings creating an illusion that it is indeed on fire. The Brandberg Mountain is also a good place for all tourists who love archeology as it has a lot of archeological sites that are nestled in the different corner of the Mountain.

Trekking up the Brandberg Mountain is not for the faint hearted but since it is the mostly carried out activity at the Mountain, you will have to prepare properly for the hike. During your hike you will get to see the rock paintings that cover almost the whole Mountain and these are about 5000 years old with are believed to have been painted by the San Bushmen many years ago. It is also the perfect place to explore the Namib Desert due to its strategic location in the central part of the Desert. While on a safari to Brandberg, you will also get to meet the Damara people who live around it and get to know more about their culture and traditions. Some of the interesting things that you get to see while here have been explained in detail below:

Admire the rock paintings at Brandberg Mountain

Brandberg is the highest Mountain in Namibia and one of the places where the best rock paintings can be viewed in the country. The rock paintings are believed to have been done by the San Bushmen who were the first settlers in the country and the rock paintings depict their life style before modernization came in and it’s of different things like animals, people and tools that they used while hunting.

The rock paintings that are found in the Brandberg Mountain are said to be over 5000 years old and found in some of the most difficult places to access at the Mountain but after the struggle of getting to where they are, it will be a reward that will be worth it and as you head up the Mountain in search of the rock paints do not forget your camera behind.

A visit to the white lady

The painting of the white lady was discovered in the year 1917 by the first German European to climb the Brandberg Mountain and this was Maack Reinhardt. His interpretation of the painting was that it was of a warrior and it is believes to have been painted by the earliest settlers of Namibia the San Bushmen. A few years later, a priest interpreted the rock paint as that of a white lady that resembled the lady of Crete mostly known by the Greek people.

Some archeologists believe that the white lady is actually not a lady but a man who was painted with white hands and legs while performing a ritual dance but all in all, a visit to the Mountain will give you a chance to actually decide whether it is a man or a lady.

The white lady can be seen after a long trek of about five kilometer up the Brandberg Mountain and although the route is a bit terrible and tiring, it is a good hike as you will be rewarded with one of the best rock paintings in Namibia which rises to about 45cm high. Unlike before when the painting was out in the open for all tourists to touch, it is now locked behind bars to avoid further damage to it which was being done by tourists and you will only get to see it being the bars that were put up.

There are also several activities that can be carried out around the Brandberg Mountain in the Damaraland and after hiking up the mountain, you can still enjoy some of these activities which include the following:

Explore the Twyfelfontein

Twyfelfontein is best known for the many rock carvings that can easily be seen in the area and it was made a UNESCO heritage site. No one knows when the rock carvings were done but it is believed that they were painted thousands of years ago and form the sight of the paintings, it is assumed that the rock carvings were done using rudimentary tools and some of them can be seen lying on the ground at Twyfelfontein. The rock carvings are of different things but most especially wild animals that are located in the area, hunters and the tools that they use when they go hunting and the way that they used to live.  Some of the animals that were carved into the rocks include zebras, lions, antelopes, giraffes, elephants and many more other exciting species. The rock carvings at the Twyfelfontein can be visited at any time of the year for as long as you have a tour guide with you to help you easily understand the carvings and tell you about the history of the place.

Enjoy some animal tracking

It is not all not all about elephant tracking but you will get to see some black rhinos and other animal species as you walk through the Damaraland where the Brandberg Mountain is found. Animal tracking is done with the help of a tour guide who knows which routes to use so as not to create a disturbance with the animals and also to avoid possible attacks. Some of the other animals that you will be able to see and track include lions, giraffes, gemsbok, zebras, springbok and many more others.

Go for a helicopter ride across the Damaraland

A helicopter ride will help you explore the place with ease and it will be faster than driving around especially for tourists who have limited time while on a safari to the Namibia. This is mostly done during the dry season when the weather is a bit conducive and you will be able to see the Brandberg Mountain from above, animals running across the Damaraland and take as many photos of the whole area froma different point of view.

Explore the Petrified Forest

This is not a forest per say but it is filled with a lot of mummified tree trunks that are believed to have been a forest but was burnt out and the trees have been there for more than 300 years. It was made a national monument in the year 1950 and can be visited at any time of the year. The roads leading to the Petrified Forest are not so good due to their sandy nature that was caused by the heavy erosion that took place many years ago and that is why you will need a 4×4 car to get there especially during the wet season. Do not forget to also carry a camera with you so that you capture these beautiful fossil tree trunks that make up the Petrified Forest.

Visit the tropical of Capricorn

The tropical of Capricorn cannot be seen but there is a monument that shows where it passes. It is a good place for tourist to stop and take a few photos to show everyone that you at least passed where the famous tropical of Capricorn passes. You can also carry out experiments to test whether you are at the right place that is if you are standing directly above the Capricorn, you will not see any form of shadow because the sun is right overhead where you stand.

Hike to the Spitzkoppe peak

The Spitzkoppe is located just a few kilometers away from the Brandberg Mountain and is one of the top Mountains that are visited in Namibia. It rises to a height of 1784 meters and its jugged form is one of the best things that you will see making a perfect photo destination for tourists. It is not easy for tourists to climb up the Spitzkoppe due to its ragged nature but the more experienced rock climbers can climb up to the top but it is not advisable for tourists to actually to trek up the Spitzkoppe and if you want to climb it never do it during the extremely hot weather that is experienced in the summer.

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