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Namibia as a country is filled with a lot of jewels that need to be discovered and one of them is the Caprivi Strip that is located in the northern Part of the country. And just like any other part of the country, the Caprivi Strip is filled with a lot of untouched beauty that will blow your mind away and all you need to do is to take a trip to the Strip with your family so that you get to enjoy your safari in Namibia.

The Caprivi Strip was named after the German known as Leo von Caprivi as he was the one who negotiated with the Britons to give him this land so that he could exchange it for Zanzibar. The Strip is bordered by many Rivers and it is filled with a lot of vegetation that is enriched with the flowing Rivers of Kwando and Okavango. Some of the activities that will keep you entertained while in the Caprivi Strip include:

Enjoy a boat cruise on the Kwando River

The Kwando River which is also located in the Caprivi Strip is a good place for viewing the animals that habitate within the area. A boat cruise can be arranged for you if you request for it and while you enjoy your boat cruise some of the animals you get to see include the wild dogs, antelopes, cheetahs, leopards, buffalos, elephants, crocodiles, aardwolf, bushbaby, spotted necked otter and these are mostly seen during the dry season because they come to the River to cool down and get some water.

Other activities that can be carried out on the Kwando River include fishing and this organized by the different camps that are located within Caprivi and birding activity which is done during the wet season. some of the bird species that you will get to see while on a boat cruise on thee Kwando River include the Dark chanting Goshawk, the brown snake eagle, the African hobby, the lanner falcon, the martial eagle, the tawny eagle and the Bateleur.

Explore the Impalila Island

The Impalila Island is located within the Caprivi Strip and it will show you how the locals live and about their culture. Even though the houses found on the Island are small and old without electricity, the locals are quite welcoming and you will feel at home while here and you will also be able to enjoy their delicious local food while interacting with them. The whole purpose of exploring the island is to get to know the locals more and maybe do some shopping for souvenirs around the Island.

Visit the Mafwe Living Museum

The Mafwe are the locals that live in the Caprivi area and the Mafwe living museum is where you get to learn about their culture, traditions and economic status. The museum is open to everyone who visits the Caprivi and while here you will get to learn how to weave baskets, nets, get a taste of their local food and you will also be entertained by the local women with folk songs and dances. The good thing about visiting the museum is that the sleeping accommodations nearby that is there is a camp under the large baobab trees where you can rest after enjoying a cultural day at the Mafwe living museum.

Go for a game drive in the Mudumu National Park

One of the best National Parks that every tourist should visit while on a safari to Namibia, the Mudumu National park is located in the Caprivi Strip in the northern part of the country. The landscape that is found in the Mudumu National Park, the wild life are some of the few things that will make your trip to Caprivi memorable. Some of the activities that you can do while here are:

  • Birding, the Park has about 400 bird species which can easily be seen during the wet season and the common bird species that can be seen here include the rufous bellied heron, the African skimmer, the grey backed Cisticola, the wattled crane, the Bradfield hornbill, the western banded snake eagle and the coppery tailed coucal.
  • Game viewing, this is mostly done in the dry season and some of the animals that you will you will see in the Mudumu National Park include the African buffalo, the red Lechwe, the Burchell’s zebra, leopards, spotted necked otters, sitatunga, crocodiles and Impalas.
  • Nature walks through the Park can also be organized and these are mostly done in the mornings but it is one of the many ways that you can view the animals and birds that stay around the National Park and not forgetting the locals who also stay around the Park.

Exploring the Kwando Game Park

The Kwando Game Park is located at the banks of the River Kwando and is known to be an extension of the Bwabwata National park. There are so many activities that you can carry out while in the Kwando Game reserve and some of these include game drives where you get to see many animals like giraffes, impalas, kudus, crocodiles, leopards, buffalos, hyenas, African wild dogs, lions, birding especially during the wet season and the most common bird that you will first see is the pink lesser flamingo, fishing and boat cruises along the Kwando River, photo safaris and many more exciting activities that will keep you on your toes.

Take a walk to the lagoon

Popularly known as the horse shoe lagoon because of its funny shape, this is located at the further end of the Kwando River and one of the many tourist attractions that you should not miss out when it comes to taking a safari to the Caprivi Strip. While here you will be rewarded with a large number of elephants as they gather around the lagoon for water. Due to the large number of elephants in the area, it is advisable that you take a lot of food and water with you because getting back might be a little bit hard as the elephants sometimes block the path especially in the afternoons and evenings.

Explore the Nkasa Lupara national park

Formerly known as the Malimi national park, the Nkasa Lupara is located in the southern part of the Caprivi neighboring the Mudumu National park. The best time for one to come and view animals or visit this Park is during the dry season that is from the months of July to September because when you visit during the rainy season, you will find that the larger part of the Park is flooded and you cannot access it. But even during the dry season the easiest and only way that one can access the Park is if they use a 4×4 car as the terrains within the Park are terrible. Some of the activities that you can carry out while here include:

  • Camping, this is only possible during the dry season when there are no floods but you should note that if you are an ardent fan of camping, there are no facilities which means that you must take your own tents and other facilities that you might need in order to enjoy a night in the wild.
  • Wild life viewing, this is done during the dry season with the many animals moving around the Park in search of water and food and some of the animals that you will get to see while driving through here include crocodiles, hippos, buffalos and many more others.
  • Birding, this is done during the wet season but as it is ending or at the beginning because then the Park is not fully flooded and there are several bird species that include the black coucal, the grey backed Cisticola, the brown firefinch, the lesser jacana, the African pygmy goose and many more other species. The Nkasa Lupala has its peak season between the months of July to November during the dry season and since it is not commonly visited by tourists, you get to enjoy the Park with some alone time.

A safari to the Caprivi Strip is what many people consider a trip to the Garden of Eden while in Namibia and all you need is to pack your bags with your family and head out to Caprivi and enjoy some of the best national Parks and other exciting things that are located within the Caprivi Strip.


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