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Namibia hunting safaris are one of the best ways to tour and experience the best of Namibia safari and travel. Hunting in Africa is fast growing as a fascinating activity for wildlife safaris predominantly done in Botswana,

Kruger National park

in South Africa and in Tanzania for Serengeti National park.

There are several ways in which Africa hunting safaris are done among which are bow hunting, wing shooting, riffle hunting, trophy hunting and the like. The game that is always hunted fro will include plains game like antelopes, leopards, cheetahs, wildebeest and the like.

Hunting safaris in Namibia is regulated by Namibia hunter Professional association (


) and more than 80% of all Namibia hunting safari are managed by professional hunters. You can choose to hunt by yourself accompanied by a professional hunter or with a friend and one PH.

Namibia hunting sessions always begin in February and ends in November giving Namibia safari tourists more than 8 months of incredible hunting sessions. The hunting period may however be disturbed by weather changes but all the same you’ll have unbeatable game viewing

Namibia Hunting Area

Namibia’s main hunting area is located in the central region of Namibia in the

Dordabis Conservancy

with more than 200 sq km of privately owned hunting ground. In total, Dordabis conservancy is 400sq km ranking as the largest of all Africa hunting safari territories. There is so much to do in Dordabis more than just the Africa hunting expeditions. You can choose to walk or trek in the beautiful acacia trees, through the open Namibian savanna, or climb the beautiful Klawerberg Mountain and enjoy panoramic views over the unspoiled African veldt.

Twenty-two species of African game occur in abundance, including the Kudu, Oryx, Zebra, Blesbok, Hartebeest, Springbok, Warthog, Eland and Wildebeest. Birds such as the guinea fowl, Namaqua sandgrouse, turtle dove, Burchell’s sandgrouse and the laughing dove are among the birds that are often put on Namibia hunting safaris

Ngarangombe conservancy

is yet Namibia hunting area located 12 miles north of  Waterburg Game reserve. It is actually 617 ac and is popular with hunting trips for the eland that seems to roam the vast savannah plains here at free will.

Trophy hunting in Namibia

Trophy hunts are an exciting way to go on Namibia hunting expeditions although hunting is limited to aged/old game. You may use a riffle, bow or wing shoot for Namibia trophy hunting. It is not the trophies that matter most for Africa hunting safaris but the experience, determination and expertise on the hunt. Hunting by rifle is only conducted and allowed on foot but the animals are often identified while driving the 4wd trucks.

Your PH will often help you in the shooting positioning and also assist in the shooting itself. On targeting and shooting the animal, of course praises are due and your trophy will be taken to the camp or lodge and take picture with it.  It is an interesting and memorable experience!

Hunting safaris in Namibia

may require that you take prior booking with a good Namibia hunting safari companies or operators in order to make your Namibia safari a memorable experience. There are several safari companies that can arrange your Africa hunting safari in Namibia but you have do some homework in reviewing the best

Namibia safari company

that does the best job when it comes to hunting safaris Namibia.

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