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Walvis Bay which in Afrikaans is loosely translated as the Bay of Whales is the largest harbor in Namibia and is located at the Atlantic Ocean coast. Between the year of 1482 and 1487, a Portuguese explorer known as Diaz landed at the Namibian coast after exploring the coast of western Africa for all those years and this was how the Walvis Bay was discovered. Due to the large number of fish species and Whales that used to habitate in the area, it became a one stop Centre for most European colonialists who would come for the fishing expeditions and watching of the many whales which would swim up to the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. The town for the previous years has been occupied by German colonialists, British colonialists and then put under the protection of the South African administration till Namibia got her independence. The town however became prestigious due to its strategic location at the coast which made it extremely easy for the colonialists to travel to and from their countries while easily carrying out their businesses among the different countries.

After Namibia got her independence, the Walvis Bay thrived and at the moment it is the third largest town in Namibia with thriving businesses and a total population of about 65000 people living there. The people who live in Walvis Bay mostly work according to seasons and with its strategic location comes some of the best tourist attraction sites in the country and tourists get a chance to also enjoy some of the best activities that ca be carried out when one goes to the Walvis Bay.

Explore the Dune 7

The dune 7 is commonly known for its main activities that is quad biking, skiing and sand boarding. Located between the two towns of Walvis Bay and Swakopmund, the Dune 7 is one of the tallest sand dunes in Namibia and a top tourist attraction in the country. The climb up the sand dune is not an easy one and not for the faint hearted and that is why you need to be well enough health wise in order for you to enjoy your climb and exploration of one of the many sand dunes in Namibia. Some of the activities that you get to enjoy while on an exploration to the Dune 7 include the following:

  • Hiking, this is done in the morning because by then the heat is not too much and the estimated time for the hike up the dune is roughly about an hour. It is however advisable that you carry lots of water and remove your shoes as you are climbing up but remain in your socks because shoes make it harder for you to climb up and try not to carry a lot of luggage with you as you might fail to get up the dune 7.
  • Quad biking, there are quad bikes that are available for hire for tourists and a quad bike around the Dune 7 is a good way of exploring it. Helmets and knee caps are provided and even if you are not so familiar with riding, there will be a tour guide to show you the ropes of how to go about it with ease. And before you head out you should pack lots of water in order to keep hydrated.
  • Sand boarding, this is also done with the help of a tour guide and also carried out before the sun comes out and the heat becomes unbearable. And as you go out to enjoy the Dune 7, do not forget your camera because you will need to capture these moments so that you remember them forever.




Birding in Walvis Bay

Walvis Bay as the only harbor in Namibia has a lot of wetlands where one can go out and enjoy birding. Besides the wetlands there ae also other birding spots where birding ca easily be done and these are the coast, ponds and the Namib Desert that is located close by. Some of the bird species that habitate within Walvis Bay include the stark’s lark, cormorants, the dune lark, the orange River white eye, the Palearctic terns, crested grebes, the great white pelican, the black terns, flamingos and many more other species.

Visit the salt fields in Walvis Bay

The salt fields that are located within the Walvis are found in a salt pan that gets its salt from the salty sea water which flows to the Pans and after evaporation, the salt is mined by the locals. The salt that is mined at Walvis Bay supplies almost the whole of southern Africa.

Enjoy a boat cruise at the Walvis lagoon

The lagoon is one of the tourist attractions that is located within the Walvis Bay and enjoy a boat cruise along the lagoon. While boat cruising, you will be able to do some birding due to the presence of the many pink lesser flamingos that are always breed from the lagoon especially during the wet season, carry out some fishing and the fishing equipment is provided to you before you head out. You can also enjoy some dolphin watching while on a boat cruise although getting a sight of these is rare and you need to be very attentive if you want to see any dolphins in the Walvis Bay.

Enjoy a quad bike in the Namib Desert

Since the Namib Desert is close to the Walvis Bay, it is very easy for tourists to get a permit and to explore the Desert as much as they like. Quad bikes are always available for hire and there are always experts who will show you the simple ropes on how to enjoy the quad bike around the Desert as you enjoy the sand dunes that are located within the Desert and a rare view of some of the wild animals in the harbor.

Go for a water kayaking experience at Walvis Bay

Kayaking is one of the few activities that you should anticipate as you head out to Walvis Bay for a safari. It is done during the season when the water levels are high and an experience that all those who are adrenaline high should not miss out on while in the harbor.

Enjoy kite surfing and sky diving in Walvis Bay

Every trip comes with its own experience and a trip to Walvis Bay comes with tourists learning how to kite surf along the coast and also get a chance to engage in sky diving which normally takes place in the Namib Desert. Kite surfing might look easy but you will need the help of a tour guide to show you how it is done especially if you are new to it but once you learn what it is all about, you will be assured of having a lot of fun and it is a good way for you to unwind.

While in Walvis Bay, you will get to enjoy some of the best accommodation facilities that are nearby and if you cannot find one that suits your needs, then you can ask your tour operator to help you with the best selection of accommodation facilities and some of the most commonly used facilities by tourists include the pelican point lodge, the oyster box guest house, the pelican bay and the Egumbo lodge.

Travelling to Walvis Bay is not that difficult but you need to be aware of the muggings that take place in the area and that is why most tourists are advised to leave their valuables in their rooms before moving out for a walk or a drive through the harbor and you should not walk at night when you are alone as most of the muggings are done at night.

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