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Located in the south western part of the African continent, Namibia is a country that is filled with a lot of safari destinations that match with everyone’s personality that is it caters for the young and the old, families which makes it a perfect destination for most tourists who want to experience Africa. Namibia has about eleven National Parks, the Namib Desert, towns that you need to visit if you ever want to experience a mini or replica of German life and many more exciting places that should not be missed. Take a drive through the country and get to experience what the country has to offer you while on your

safari to Namibia

and some of the best safari destinations in the country have been noted below so that you get to choose the first places you will visit when you go to Namibia.

Namibia National Park Safaris

namibia safari

Just like earlier on noted, Namibia has a safari destination for everyone but everyone knows that a safari to the country will not be complete if you do not get to visit the different National parks that are situated in the different parts of the country. If you are an ardent fan of viewing animals, the best time for you to go on a safari to most of these National Park is during the dry season because it is during this time that the animals can easily be seen at the different water holes and for all those that love birding, the best time to visit is during the wet season. Some of the best National Parks where you can have your safari in Namibia include

  • The Etosha National Park,

    this is the most visited Park in the country and one of the best safari destinations in Namibia. The Park has 114 animal species and about 340 bird species that habitate within it and some of the species that can readily be seen around the water holes are leopards, black rhinos, giraffes, kudus, elephants, cheetahs, lions, gemsbok, the lesser flamingo, tawny eagle, the Kori bustard, hornbills and many more others.

  • The Khaudum National Park

    located in the North Eastern part of Namibia next to the Namib Desert is one of the National Parks that you should visit while on a safari to Namibia. It is a jewel that is filled with wild life that will keep you entertained and these include hyenas, wildebeest, Oryx, the striped Jackal, the roan antelope, the yellow billed stork, the lesser spotted eagle, the pallid harrier and the western banded snake among the few.

  • The Mangetti National Park,

    this is located in the south western part of Namibia and it was set up to cater for the almost endangered species in the country although at the moment it has a wide range of wild life that all those who are interested in game viewing should not miss out on. Some of the species include flycatchers, blue wildebeest, leopards, steenbok, elephants, the African wild dogs, leopards, hyenas, the Meyer’s parrot, the African blue, the common bulbul and many more others.

  • The Bwabwata National Park,

    this is strategically located at the border of Namibia with Botswana and Angola and that is why you should take a safari here because you will be rewarded with a sight of animals migrating from both Botswana and Angola and some of these include elephants, antelopes, white rhinos, the slaty egret, cheetahs, hippos, the African pygmy goose, African skimmer and many more others.

  • The skeleton coastal National Park

    , this is located along the Atlantic Ocean and the Namib Desert and it is made up of three different National Parks that is the Namib-Naukluft National park, the skeleton coast National park itself and the Tsau Khaeb National Park. It is also filled in with a lot of wildlife that you should not miss out on and you can also carry out like trekking and viewing the shipwrecks that are found along the coast which are believed to have belonged to pirates.

  • The Mudumu National park

    , one of the best National Parks in the country has a lot to offer when it comes to wild life viewing and other activities like trekking and birding. Some of the animals that you can see when you get to the Mudumu National park include leopards, elephants, sitatunga, giraffes, buffalos, giraffes, cheetahs, the African pygmy goose, the brown fire finch, the collared palm thrush, the grey backed Cisticola and many more other species.

The above are not the only National parks in the country but once you get to Namibia for a safari, you will be able to enjoy more exciting National parks and all you need to do is to ask your tour operator where to go and the time.

A safari to the historical sites in Namibia

Every country has a history attached to it and Namibia is not any different. From the time that they were under the German colonialists rule to the year that they got their independence and even way before the colonialists came into the picture, the history of the country is etched in the different places that you can visit in order to learn more about the country and some of these include:

  • The Apollo 11 cave,

    this is located at the Huns Mountain in Namibia and unlike its name, it has nothing to do with the Apollo launch of the first people on the moon. It is believed that the cave was used as a settlement by the first Bushmen around 30,000 years ago and it was mostly used for protection and shelter. Due to the on and off excavations that have been carried out in and around the cave, historians have been able to discover many artifacts that are dated thousands of years ago. This is a perfect safari destination for all those that love archeology.

  • The Christ church in Windhoek

    , the church was constructed by the German colonialists. It was constructed and opened in the year 1896 after the German colonialists clashed with the locals that were living in the area. The architecture of the church is enough of an attraction its self as it is a German design and the clock tower is another thing that will pull you towards the church. When you get there, you will be taken on a guided tour around the church while being told the history of the church and the war that took place between the Germans and the Herero people.

  • The Heroes’ Acre,

    this was a monument that was constructed in memory of all those that lost their lives during the fight for independence and it is the same place where all the heroes celebrations are carried out every was opened in the year 2002 and a visit to the monument will leave you with enough knowledge about the fight for Namibia’s independence both from the Germans and the South African government.

Namibia Cultural Tours

Namibia has majorly two heritage sites in the country although there are other sites that you should not miss while in the country and some of these have been recognized by UNESCO. There are both natural and cultural heritage sites in the country and some of these include:

  • The Namib sand sea,

    this is one of the two world heritage sites that you should definitely visit while on a safari to Namibia. Its location next to the Atlantic Ocean caused the winds to blow the sand from the desert and that is how the dunes were made and the sand sea itself. The dunes that are found here are divided into two that is the ancient dunes and the younger dunes. Tourists can get to enjoy a quad bike ride while here and also get to see some of the animals that have adapted to the harsh weather conditions that are located within the area.

  • Twyfelfontein,

    the second world heritage site that you should safari to in Namibia is the Twyfelfontein and it was the first site to be declared a heritage site in Namibia. It is filled with some of the best art rocks in the world and no one knows when they were painted but it is believed that the paintings are more than 1000 years old. The paintings show a story of how the ancient people used to live and the wildlife, all in all it’s a story etched on rocks using paint.

  • The quiver tree forest,

    this is located in the southern part of the country and it is believed that it is one of the oldest forests in the country. In the year 1995, it was declared a National monument and this was due to the presence of unique tree species that are located within the forest especially the quiver tree that is used by the San Bushmen as medicine. Take a safari to southern Namibia and enjoy an educated walk through the forest about the medicinal values of most of the tree species found in the forest.

  • The Fish River canyon,

    known to be the second largest canyon in the whole world, the fish river canyon is one safari destination that you must not miss out while in Namibia. There are several things to see here from the wild animals, the waterfalls, the birds and you also get to enjoy one of the best hiking trails in Namibia.

Namibia Sand Dunes Safari

namibia desert safari

The sand dunes in Namibia are located within


town in the

Namib Desert

and it is a top safari destination for tourists. The sand dunes are believed to be thousands of years old and they are a home to some of the rare animals that have adapted to the harsh weather conditions and you will also get to enjoy a quad bike and trek to the different sand dunes that are located within Sossusvlei. Some of the Sand dunes that are located within Namibia include the dune 45, the dune 7, the big daddy sand dune, the Hiddenvlei and the Elim dunes.

Namibia has a lot of safari destinations where you can easily rest from and enjoy the country but not all can be written down. Just make a bucket list of all the things that you want to do while in the country and your tour operator will help you arrange a safari to the different destinations and they will also advise you on the best time to visit the different destinations as the weather highly determines the activities that you can carry out while in the country and which safari places are easily accessible during the dry and wet season.

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