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Windhoek, Things To Do, Attractions


Windhoek is located in the center of Namibia and its strategic location nest to almost three mountains makes it a good place for one to visit. Windhoek is also the capital city of Namibia which means that there is an interaction of both the European and African culture all in one place and it is also considered to be one of the cleanest cities in Africa. When you get to Namibia, you will find that there is a strong resemblance between the country and German and this can mostly be seen in Windhoek and this is due to the fact that it is a former German colony and you will also find that the largest population in the country speaks German as a language.

A brief history about Windhoek goes way back into the year 1840 when an Afrikaans settler came and settled and built a church near one of the hot springs in the country. It was filled with war during that time and when the settler died, the city was left abandoned until Namibia was declared a German colony in the year 1884. When Namibia gained her independence in the year 1990, Windhoek started gaining her former status and it became the capital city of Namibia since it had always been the center for all military troops.

There are several tourist attractions and each one of these has a different type of tourists that it attracts meaning that you irrelevant of your age, size and likes, you will definitely get yourself something that matches your personality when it comes to tourism in Namibia. Some of the best places you can go and the activities that you can carry out while in Windhoek include the following:

Explore the National museum of Namibia

The National museum of Namibia is located within Windhoek and it is one of the best places where you can get to know about the history of the country from the colonial times till the present. There are several artifacts that showcase the struggle for independence against the Germans and there are also artifacts that showcase the rock sites in Namibia making it a good place for tourists and their families more so if you have some German heritage in you.

Drive through the Daan Viljoen Game reserve

If you want to enjoy what is considered to be freedom away from the busy city Centres and the noise that comes with it, then the Daan Viljoen reserve is the perfect place for you to go while in Namibia. Some of the wild life that you will get to see when you drive through the Daan Viljoen game Resreve include Kudus, the Hartmann zebra, springbok, gemsbok, giraffes, the blue wildebeest, leopards, the common eland, buffalos and it is also a home to about 200 bird species that include hornbills, white tailed shrikes, parrots and many more others.

Explore the Namibia craft center

The Namibia craft center is a one stop Centre for all those that want to get themselves a souvenir while in Namibia and since it is one of the best galleries in the area, you cannot afford to miss going there even if it is to window shop.

Go out and taste a Windhoek

Considered to be one of the best brewed beers in the world, a Windhoek is a must taste for all tourists who visit the Windhoek city. It can be bought in the shops and bars around the Windhoek and produced following the brewing rules and regulations of the Germans and that is why you just cannot leave Windhoek in Namibia without having a sip of the Windhoek beer.


Visit the Christ church

Also known as the Christuskirche, the Christ church was almost the first churches to be built in Windhoek and it is one of the best landmarks in the city. It was constructed and opened in the year 1896 after the German colonialists clashed with the locals that were living in the area. The architecture of the church is enough of an attraction its self as it is a German design and the clock tower is another thing that will pull you towards the church. When you get there, you will be taken on a guided tour around the church while being told the history of the church and the war that took place between the Germans and the Herero people.

Take a walk to the independence monument museum

The Independence monument was constructed to honor the struggle that took place between the Germans and the people of Namibia. Located at the Robert Mugabe road, this museum focuses on the struggle for independence and for all the tourists that want to know what went down exactly many years ago during the colonial rule, then this is the best place for you to be while on a safari to Namibia. It has a statue of the first president of Namibia that is President Sam Nujoma and note that entrance to the monument museum is free.

Go for a horse-back ride in Windhoek

If you want to experience an outdoor activity that will help you exercise and at the same time enjoy the wild side of riding with the wind in your hair, then horse-back riding in Windhoek is done within the Eros Mountain is the perfect activity for you to carry out. The large number of horses that is found in the area makes it easy for tourists but note that this activity is carried out by only those who have prior experience when it comes to horse-back riding. A tour guide will help you into your saddles before you set off on the clearly marked routes for horse riding in the capital city of Namibia.

Visit the Alte feste

The Alte feste was formerly used by the Germans as a military base during their rule in the country making it one of the oldest buildings in the country as it was opened in the year 1915. Although right now it acts as a museum it was also used by the Southern army after they defeated the Germans and all this history can be found in the Alte feste and with the help of the tour guide, you will exhaust the Namibian history from the colonial times, throughout the struggle times until when the country gained her independence.

Take a walk to the Heroes’ Acre

The heroes’ Acre is a monument that was constructed to commemorate the soldiers that lost their lives during the struggle for power. Although no one knows exactly how many soldiers are buried around the monument and the exact soldier that was depicted in the statue, it is still a great site for tourists to visit as it will also show you the history of Namibia as regards to the struggle for independence in the country.

Visit and relax at the parliament gardens

After having a long day as you tour the Windhoek city, the best outdoor that you can relax from are the parliament gardens. Filled with a lush green all over, tourists can join others as they relax and picnic around the gardens and as you enjoy your picnic, you will also be able to get a close look at the independence monument which is not far away from the gardens and learn about the history of the Namibian people.

Marvel at the Gibeon meteorites

The Gibeon meteorites are said to have dropped from the sky over 1000 years ago and dropped in the country in the town of Gibeon. These can be seen paraded along the street for tourists and when you plan on visiting the place, do not forget your camera because you will want to remember these unique stones. After admiring the Gibeon meteorites, you can still walk around the street and purchase some souvenirs from the hawkers.

Try out the local food in the city

Even though sometimes the country is faced is boughs of drought, there is still plenty of food that you can taste while in the country that is Namibians are known for their love for meat and you will find this cooked in many different ways and for those that do not eat meat, you can still enjoy the fresh food from the green market where they cater for vegetarians.

Windhoek just like any other city in Namibia is not free of crime and that is why tourists who visit the area are advised not to walk with their valuables but leave them in their rooms because there have been reports of mugging especially with unsuspecting tourists although this normally happens at night and not during the day but the government is trying as much as possible to curb crime within the city. The best way to get around Windhoek is by taking a taxi because these come cheap and they can be got at any time of the day and the good thing about them is that they practically reach every corner of the city.