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The Iby’iwacu Cultural Village, Rwanda.

The Iby’iwacu Cultural Center.

It is a village not so far from the Volcanoes National Park in a district called Musanze, North of Rwanda. This center has got all you need to know about the culture of the Rwandan people. The Iby’iwacu Cultural center has got an anthology of lifestyle, artifacts, dance and activities that portray the way of life of the local people. Established after most of the locals gave up on their poaching habits, the center and its inhabitants now flourish from their traditional lifestyle.

Tours to the Iby’iwacu Cultural Village give chance to the foreigners to meet locals and get educated more on the village life through the dances, archery, making of traditional herbs and the community structure in general among many others which are performed and or presented by the inhabitants. This center is one of the very few that are recommended and known to bring out the richness of the Kinyarwanda culture. It is an experience to die for in particular, getting to hear tales told by the elderly, having your future told by fortune tellers and learning to craft.

Also, while here at this cultural village, delight your taste buds with a local brew made from bananas, get to see the brewing process too. Visit the Batwa community in Rwanda, connect with the people and discover the fascinating way they do their pottery. Participate in their day to day activities since it will help you know and understand them better.

At the Iby’iwacu Cultural Center it is very difficult for you to exhaust the list of things that you can get to do that will not only help you learn more about the Rwandan traditions but also give you a thrilling adventure. This includes getting skilled in hunting learnt from the villagers who in the past poached game until they found out that preservation is much better. Sadly you shouldn’t practice it unless you obtain hunting permits. Get a chance get an up-close sight of the Virunga Mountains, seeing the Bisoke, the Sabyinyo Volcano and Karisimbi to mention but a few.

rwanda cultural village

The other thing is the visit to the local schools in the Rwandan community, attend classes, teach the little ones any of the sills you are good at, play local games and do so much more. Never leave Rwanda without having a taste of their delicious meals together with the locals.

The Iby’iwacu Cultural center has been of great economic importance to the residents of Rwanda through earning revenue from taxes collected to the government. This has not only widened the tax base but also has helped greatly in employing a huge number of Rwandese Nationals by offering them jobs which help then earn.
Through this center/village, people have also obtained skills in carpentry, arts and crafts like making mats and baskets among other things.

Foreigners have chance to get entertained and amused by the performances in dance, drama and music which they are to pay for at the Iby’iwacu Village thus earning the Rwandese foreign exchange. This alone makes the village nationally known as an entertainment center. It also is a center of learning since a number of skills are taught and learnt here.

Last but not least, purchasing of local crafts is done here at the center. Be sure you’ll get yourself a thing or two from the market; an arts and or crafts item for you to take home as a souvenir. Some of these items include baskets, wooden sculptures and mats to mention but a few. These activities at the Iby’iwacu Cultural village are only but a supplement for those visitors that are on their way to track Golden Monkeys and Gorillas at the Volcanoes National Park.