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Flights to Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is from West Africa bordered by Guinea, Liberia to the south and with hundreds of kilometers of coastal beaches. This tropical paradise is filled with scenic white sand Palm beaches, lush forests, untouched wild beauty to the mainland and historical ruins in towns like Freetown.

Some of the best things you can do while on holidays in Sierra Leone include golfing, water sports like boarding and surfing, tours of Bunce islands on the Freetown peninsula and so much more.

Flights to Freetown Sierra Leone

Lungi International Airport

from Freetown is the main airport from Sierra Leone. Finding cheap flights to Somalia is an east task. There are flights from London (Heathrow) to Free town, from other European cities and other African cities.

Travel to Sierra Leone requires  a valid passport or travel document whether it is just holidays or business related travel. Citizens of Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) however do not require a visa for entry into the country.

Sierra Leone flights  from Europe

Direct flights to Sierra Leone from Europe are available from London and Brussels using BMI, BRUSSELS AIRLINES and AIR FRANCE. Sierra Leone lies in the same time zone as Europe which means that the flight takes 6 or 7 flying hours direct from London and Paris.

Sierra Leone flights from the United States

There is no direct flight from the United States of America but there is an option with ROYAL AIR MAROC from New York via Casablanca Morocco. There are obviously many options if flying indirect, but another popular option is fly to to Ghana (Delta Airlines), or any neighboring country and on from there using Kenya Airways to Freetown airport.

Airlines flying to Freetown

within Africa

KENYA AIRWAYS flies from Nairobi via Accra then to Freetown. Kenya Airways and South Africa Airways operate in partnership with KLM which opens up more options for connecting flights. Other regional flights include ARIK AIR (Dakar, Banjul, Lagos), GAMBIA INTERNATIONAL AIRLINES (Cape Verde/Dakar) , Fly 6ix and ASKY AIRLINES.
Direct flights into Sierra Leone are operated from London, Brussels, Ghana, Liberia, Banjul, Dakar, Lagos and Monrovia.

Asky airlines

flies 5 times each week from Banjul, Lome, Accra,

Fly 6six

daily flights to Freetown from Banjul, Lungi, Conakry, Monrovia, Bamako


5 times a week from Heathrow London

Arik Air

4 flights to Freetown from Lagos, Dakar and Banjul

Air France

from Paris via Conakry on Sundays, Tuesday

SN Brussels

from Brussels on Mondays, Brussels/ Banjul on Thursdays

Royal Air Maroc

from Casablanca on Saturday, Thursday, Tuesday

Kenya Airways

from Nairobi and Accra on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Friday and Sunday