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Outamba-Kilimi National Park

Outamba-Kilimi National Park (OKNP) is found in the extreme north near the border with Guinea. It is the only designated national park in Sierra Leone covering two eco-regions of Outamba and Kilimi in the northern province of Bombali district.

The park covers an estimated 1000sq km of which  Outamba takes more than  half of the entire park area. The vegetation is mainly grasslands, forests and open woodlands especially for Outamba section of the park. other features in the park include perennial lake in Outamba called Idrissa, which is drained by several water streams and rivers such as  Mongo and Little Scarcies

Getting there

The park is located 296 km north of Freetown. It lies adjacent to the border with the Republic of Guinea, in the Tambakha Chiefdom, Bombali District, Northern province. The nearest town is Kamakwie which is 15km from the park gate to the south. The main access route is via the Little Scarcies river Bridge and also a ferry service crosses through the park.


Outamba and Kilimi are important Birding Areas in Sierra Leone. More than 300 species of birds are found in the park of which 50 are endemic to either regions of the park.

OKNP is home to Pallid Harrier which is an endangered species that migrants to the lake shore. Other birds found in the park include herons, plovers, sand pipers and egrets among others.

More than 6 species of primates are recorded in the park’s forest gallery including four threatened species of Sooty Mangabey ,Red Colobus Monkey (Vu), Black and White Colobus Monkey (NT) and Western Chimpanzee. Other species of mammals in the park include elephants, leopard, water chevrotain, hippo, crocodiles, duiker and buffalo among others


There is a camp on the banks of Little Scarcies River offering tented accommodation, self catering kitchen and guided tours to the park. There is however no electricity or tap water there.

Wildlife Conservation office at the park can arrange staff and ranger guides to provide guided tours, including canoe trips on the different rivers. Trails are marked and labelled and there is one viewing platform.