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Lubombo Mountains

Scattered at the border of Eswatini with Mozambique are what most consider the largest volcanic hills in the country known as the Lubombo hills or Mountains. The Lubombos rise up to a height of 600 meters high whereas others are higher but they are still a pretty sight. They start from Eswatini, flow into Mozambique before continuing into South Africa in the Kruger national Park.

The Lubombo Mountains are filled with rare flora and fauna that makes the whole place look like paradise. The flora and fauna that is found in the Mountains cannot be found anywhere else in Eswatini and they will give tourists especially botanists a field trip once they visit the country. It is also a home to some of the most exciting hike trials in the country and the hike will be all about learning about how the Mountains were formed and the culture that is practiced by the locals who live in close range to the Lubombos Mountains.


Most of the outdoor activities that are carried out around the Lubombo Mountains are organized under an initiative that was set up to help in the development of the surrounding community and this is known as the eco-walking trails. The main aim for the eco-walking trails in Lubombo is to make sure that the tourist enjoys all the outdoor activities that they want while at the same time helping the local community. Some of the activities that are organized around the Lubombo Mountains include birding, hiking, nature walks, Mountain biking and drives among others.

Hiking in the Lubombo Mountains

The vast volcanic formed mountains offer a great number of hikes for tourists who have a strong love for outdoor activities. A tour guide will be around to take you on this hike and although there are some hike trails that are short and take a few minutes, there are those that are long and can take almost the entire day before you reach the peak. Once at the peak of the Lubombo Mountains, you will have a clear view of the Mlawula nature reserve and the neighboring countries of Mozambique and South Africa. A hike up the Mountains is also the perfect way to get to see the different vegetation and learn more about how the Mountains were formed.

A guided walk in Lubombo

Unlike the hike up the Mountains that is normally done by the tourists who love adrenaline activities, the guided walks in Lubombo are organized to create awareness about the eco system around the Mountains and also learn about the culture of the Swazi people. The nature walk will take you around the different projects that have been set up in the community and it is one of the best ways to get an up close to locals and also learn about their culture.

Eswatini is known for having one of the most intriguing cultures across the world and one of the best ways to experience this culture is by going into the community and what better way other than by taking a nature walk around. You will have the chance to meet the locals, get a taste of their deliciously made food while also being entertained through music and traditional dances that are performed by the locals.

The Mlilwane wildlife sanctuary

Ba top tourist attraction when it comes to wildlife, the Mlilwane sanctuary is a home to the Lubombo Mountains. It is a home to a variety of wildlife and these can be seen while you are visiting the Mountains and also carry out other activities tin the sanctuary with the help of a tour guide. It is a home to over 240 bird species that are best seen during the wet season and the different animals that live within the sanctuary include the red hartebeest, Oribi and leopards although rarely seen among others.

Accommodation near the Lubombo Mountains

Most of the accommodation is found within the reserves or in the Lubombo conservation area and the best way to find out which one suits you best is to ask your tour operator to help you find something that is not so far away from the Mountains. However you can also choose to stay in the different homesteads with the locals especially if you are a tourist volunteer because this can also be arranged.

The Lubombo Mountains are found within the Lubombo conservation area which also has several other tourist attractions that you can add to your itinerary when you visit the Lubombo Mountains and some of these include the Hlane Royal National Park, the Shewula Nature reserve among others. So while you take a trip to the Lubombo Mountains, be sure to also check out the Lubombo conservation for more entertaining activities and tourist attractions with the tour guide’s help.