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Although South Sudan is a newly established independent country, it is blessed with a variety of tourist attractions that include a variety of faunas and vegetation cover. The country has the spectacular great River Nile flowing gently through it, on which various water sports can be enjoyed, a vast wetland that is inhabited by numerous birds plus many more attractions. The list below highlights some of the best tourist attractions in the country.

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Boma National Park

This is located adjacent to the border with Ethiopia and covers an expanse of 22800 sq kilometers. In this impressive park are a number of animals among which are the white eared kobs, Tiang plus the Mongolla Gazelle for which the park was primarily established to safe guard. Other animals include the African Elephant, leopards, giraffes, cheetahs, zebras and hartebeests.

Nimule National Park

The Nimule National Park is located at the far end of South Sudan at its border with the neighboring Uganda. On the eastern part of the park is the spectacular White Nile, while the north is bordered by river Assua. The hilly terrain of the park is well covered by savanna woodland characterized by acacia trees, combretum aculeatum plus other species.

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Juba is South Sudan’s capital city and so far the fastest developing in the whole world. There are quite a number of investment opportunities, numerous natural resources, the amazing hotels, night clubs, restaurants, plus many more tourist attractions. There are a number of administrative offices in this city plus it being a booming trading center in Africa. There are a number of public transport services like buses to take you around the city. The people are so hospitable and very welcoming. Juba is certainly a city you should never miss while in Sudan.

Nightlife in South Sudan

The people of South Sudan are people who love entertainment and enjoying themselves after a day’s work. As the sun sets, the nightlife of South Sudan also just begins. Several people flock the numerous bar for which they are renowned to widely consume alcohol. There are a number of night clubs, restaurants, cinemas and bars in which the people enjoy themselves. The major cities are the most happening in the night and most spots operating until late in the night.

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