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Togo’s wildlife and safaris are one of the most fascinating tourist attractions in the country. Each of the regions in Togo are gifted with exclusive flora and fauna. The coastal region has mangrove swamps which stretch to Mono river basin. Other parts of the country have tropical rain forest, savannah grasslands and bushes. The northern region is especially gifted with bushes and shrubs as the vegetation stretches in the drier parts of Africa.  The 3 major National parks in Togo are Fazao-Malfakassa, Fosse aux Lions and the Keran National Park are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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Fazao-Malfakassa National Park

Fazao-Malfakassa National Park is located in western parts of Togo and is near, and at one point against, the international border with Ghana. The park was established in 1975 and stretches to include forest reserves of Fazao and Mlafakassa. Covering 1920sq km. it is one of the largest protected areas in Togo.  This UNESCO Heritage Site boasts the largest pristine forest region in Togo stretching on the foot hills of Mont de Malfakassa in the north to Monts du Fazao in the central.

Some of the mammals in the park include elephants, chimpanzees and other small mammal species. The birds in Fazao-Malfakassa National Park include Francolins, Hawk eagles, grey parrot, heron, Senegal Parrot, hornbill, swamp greenbul, Senegal Eremomela, Firefinch and sunbirds among others.

The Park is open for Togo Holidays and safaris from November to April although it can be visited although the year.

Keran National Park

This park is found on the Kamongou river banks in northern Togo covering 1700sq km. Keran national park was established in 1971 to protect Keran forest reserve and Oti reserve which is found on the banks of river Oti.

This park is dominated by open savannah woodlands, swamps, shrubs, riparian forests and woodlands growing on rocky outcrops.  The park also protects Mare-aux-Lions, a small wetland area close to the Koumongou River where one can come across birds and mammals of different types.

Some of the mammals in Kergan National Park include bay duiker, elephants, bushbuck, Sitatunga, Bongo, red flanked duiker, roan, reedbuck, hartebeest, waterbuck and many others. Many of the species of antelopes are threatened by increased poaching activity and encroachment on the forest reserve.

Fosse aux Lions National Park

This togo national park stretches 90sq km in the north western tip of the country. It is the smallest protected area and reserve in Togo

This Togo reserve protects a population of about 60 elephants on the Dapaong plain besides other species of mammals like warthog, duiker, vervet monkeys, pata monkeys and several species of antelopes.

The Togodo National Reserve in the south east is another important park home to herds of buffalos and antelopes. This reserve occupies 350sq km of savannah woodlands and forest gallery growing on the banks of Mono River.

Travel Tips

The best time to plan for safaris and wildlife tours in Togo is during August up to early September just before the onset of the rainy season (April to June, September to October). The dry season in Togo runs from November to April. Weather in Togo permits cotton clothes in all round the year. Rainwear is required, if visiting the climate.

The temperatures in the wildlife zones-northern part of the country are between 18°C and 38°C. Togo has varying mean temperatures. Temperatures during August (best time to holidays) are between 20°C and 38°C.

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