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Djerba is a large island located off the coast of the Gulf of Gabes in south western Tunisia. The island attracts thousands of tourists from Australia and Europe every year thanks to its beautiful beaches.

This Tunisian town stands out as the only town where the Berber language is spoken to this day and also the 1977 movie setting of Star Wars that was filmed in the village town of Ajim. There are a few other towns in Djerba that you can visit to complete your Tunisia Holiday such as Houmt Souq, Midoun, and Guellala.

Tourist Attractions in Djerba Tunisia

Houmt Souq-

This interesting Tunisia Holiday site is located near a very busy coastal market. The museum, Place de Algerie, main port and the colorful markets make a perfect holiday destination. The market has some outdoor cafés on one side and the other is entire the food and fresh supplies section. Houmt Souq also has 2 mosques and a small church for the people living around the port.

Funduq in Houq Souq

is made of arched buildings and houses that make excellent accommodation units for any tourists. The entrance of the Funduq overlooks a beautiful botanical garden and a small pool which is the atrium. The atrium also has a restaurant that also has traditional music played with tambourines and flutes for the evenings.

Borj el-Kebir

in Djerba has a long history written on its pages. This fortress formerly belonged to the Romans but was conquered by the king of Sicily in 1829. The Spanish took over the fort and there were many skull of Spaniards showcased in the tower for a period of 200 years.

 The Ghriba Synagogue

is very important for the Jewish community living in North Africa and Africa as well. For more than 1400 years, this synagogue remained a holy place for the Jews; many miracles were performed here on its opening more than a century ago! Inside the building is a sanctuary keeping some of the oldest torahs and also exquisite interior designs for the whole synagogue. The synagogue is today a pilgrimage site for Jews and non-Jews alike but every tourist leaves a small gift on their visit. Check out other Jewish synagogues in Hara Kbira


Ras Rmel

in Djerba is a peninsula identified with pirate and flamingoes. You’ll find flocks of flamingoes on the island form October to the end of the year. A tour of the island cost 20 dinars on a cruise ship. You also tour the island by riding/renting a bike for beach strolls.

There are many mosques in Djerba Tunisia with a unique history inscribed on their walls. The Lonely Mosque found by the sea with a mystical history nearly 500 years. The small mosque of the Turkish Mother located 5m from Gaz Fuel Station is another mosque to visit in Djeba-thereafter take a tour of the El May village and market located not far from the mosque. Other interesting mosques in Djerba Tunisia include the Jama Fadloud, Jama Ghizen, Jama Mastiri and many others

Towns in Djerba Tunisia


is popular for its underground olive oil press that is active during the winter months. Traditionally, the oil was pressed with the help of camel that spun a wood rotator. Other places to visit in Midoun include the Friday market and the shops selling souvenirs. Best time to visit is November to January


is another interesting sea port known for ceramics and fishing. The sea bed is filled with colorful jelly fish, octopuses and sponges are often sold in Houmt Souq.

The village of


is a must visit. This ancient village is made up of gifted pottery artisans from the Roman times. Check out some of the items made and take home a few as souvenirs on your Tunisia Djerba holidays.


is excellent with Djerba beach holidays. The beach is dotted with hotels, outdoor cafes, restaurants and shops. Swimming and other water adventures are fun on this Tunisia beach town.

Getting there

The town is connected by Djerba Zarsis Airport with Tunisia flights on Tunisair form European cities and Tunis the capital. There are also charter flights to the island. Buses are also used to connect Tunis to Djerba through Houmt Souq and then a ferry makes a trip to the island

Djerba Hotels and Accommodation

Some of the hotels in Djerba include five star resorts near the beach in Midoun like Isis Hotel and Spa, Caribbean World Thalasso Derba hotel, Raddison Blu resort & Park Inn among many others. There are also cheaper accommodation options in Djerba like Jasmina Palya Hotel and Hotel Le Beau Sejour to mention a few

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