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Hammamet Tunisia

Hammamet is undoubtedly the biggest tourist destination in Tunisia thanks to its endless white beaches popular for several water adventures like swimming and water sports. There are also may other interesting tourist attractions in this town include old mosques and museums.

The weather is great although the year. The hot season comes in July and August with average temperatures up to 32ºC and the winter months for the rest of the year on highest temperatures of up to 15ºC.

Hammamet is popular for jasmine, souvenirs made from Yasmine and also the tourist resort of Yasmine Hammamet. In the months of July to August, the international culture centre in Hammamet home to the International cultural festival. The streets brim with business and people flocking the centre

Tourist Attractions

Hammamet Beaches

are the prime attractions in Tunisia located on the south east of Cap Bon peninsula. Every year, the beach receives many tourists on Tunisia Beach holidays. Some of the adventure activities on these beaches include snorkelling, swimming, canoeing, water jetskiing and surfing among many others.

The gulf of Hammamet is lined with some of the best beach resorts and luxury hotels across the beach.    Sol Azur Hammamet Beach hotel is one of the popular five star resorts on the beach with services like well stocked bar, swimming pool and fully furnished rooms.

Great Mosque

Hammamet is very popular with Muslims living within the city centre. The streets to the mosque are lined with souks selling sharia, tunics, clothes and all kinds of artifacts. This Islamic site was constructed around the 15th century in a simple architecture reflecting building styles of the Arabs, Turks and Moor. The minaret is a rectangular shape standing tall above the mosque. The prayer hall is covered in red mats while the backyard is made up lush gardens and some 2 majestic towers. There is Koranic school today located near the mosque open every day for tourists and students. All tourists to this place are encouraged to dress decently before visiting this mosque. There are green wraps for sell in the nearby market, just in case you have to visit this great sight.


Kasbah of Hammamet

is one of the oldest sights within the city dating back to the 12th century. Reconstruction is always running around the Kasbah to restore its ancient glory as seen from the alleys near the Kasbah. The Zawiya (the holiest place) built inside the Kasbah has been turned into an elegant cafeteria with a good view of the ocean and the beach! You’ll find many of Tunisia’s tourists here having fun in the Tunisia sun.


medina of Hammamet

is another traditional site from the 1500- several years back located near the Great Mosque. The city walls and winding streets on the medina are still in good shape covered with several stall selling tourist items, jewellery, souvenirs and anything you can think of. Nightfall bring the city to new life with a daze of colored lights-each from one of the white washed houses.

Another trip into ancient Tunisia brings you to the

Roman ruins of Pupput

. The sight is noted for the House of Figured Peristyle that inscribed with a fine collection of mosaics to the floor. It also has a few roman baths and a former residential quarter. The ruins are particularly important for showcasing the Roman heritage of Tunisia.

Located a few kilometers from the city centre is


Sebastian’s Villa

built in 1920 by Frank Lloyd Wright. It is perfect for house parties and hosts several cultural centres and celebrations in Hammamet like the International festival of Music and Drama held every summer. The villa overlooks an arched swimming pool and a wide bath that can hold 4 people at a time (more like a sunken baptistery).

Getting There

Hammamet has several links from different cities around Tunisia. There is a bus station in the city centre where you’ll get taxis or buses to take you around town. The bus service has routes from Tunis, Nabeul, Sousse, Kairoun, Monastir, mahdia and Kelibia.

Hammamet is just 72km form the international airport in Tunis, the capital. From there, you can hire a car to a 45minute drive to the heart of Hammamet. The train station at Bir Bou Regba has schedules from Tunis the capital, Sousse and El Djem among other cities.

Hammamet hotels and Accommodation

Hammamet has many hotel locations commonly divided into 3 areas-the north, south and Yasmine Hammamet. Many of the hotels are located in the south near the Medina. Some of the tourist hotels and resorts in Hammamet Tunisia include Hammamet Gardens Resort and Spa, Yasmine Beach Hotel and Delphin Plaza among many other hotels.