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Sousse is one of the famous tourist destinations and cities from the east coat of Tunisia. The city is home to a variety of tourist attractions form the 9th century Phoenicians reign to the modern day Sousse.

Sousse is the third largest city in Tunisia also known as the ‘pearl of Sahel’ is majorly a replica of the several rulers of this great city from the Romans, Phoenicians, Arabs and Byzantines. Much of its culture and traditions arises from this rich historical background.

The city has a mild weather that makes it popular spot for relaxation and Tunisia holidays. The coast of Sousse is lined with stunning beach, beautiful medina and ancient colonial architecture.

There are several tourist attractions and festivals that attract tourists in Sousse Tunisia. Some of the popular festivals in Sousse include the Sousse International Festival (July- August). Mediterranean Olive Tree festival in Kalaa Debira for December and the Sidi El Kantaoui Festival in Hammam Sousse celebrated in July. Althrough the year, there is some thing special to enjoy about Tunisia’s Sousse city.

Tourist Attractions


Medina of Sousse

is one of the finest medinas in Tunisia and also the busiest. The streets are filled with women doing shopping from stalls selling a variety of goods like perfumes, tiles, clothes, ceramics and other goods. The Zaouia Zakkak from the suburbs of the medina is a typical insight into early Arab architecture.  Its minaret is an octagon decorated in blue and green tiles and stone with Andalucian art.

Sousse Kasbah

on the south-western side of the medina is home to several of Tunisia’s museums and ancient mosaic collection. The Khalef el Fata watchtower from the 9th century illuminates the skies of Sousse at 30m high. The archaeological museum is a popular tourist spot in the Kasbah thanks to the beautiful mosaics, vases, masks and tombs form the Roman Era. There are also objects from the Christian catacombs and mosaics displaying scenes from amphitheaters.


fortified mosque of


is an interesting piece of architecture from the 9th century. Unlike other mosques in Tunisia, this main mosque has evolved over the years leaving some parts incomplete yet with a touch of modern Sousse Tunisia lifestyles. The dome minaret was added to the main mosque in the 11th century. Non Muslims are not allowed in the area near prayer hall.

The beautiful

Ribat on the Place Farhat Hached

is a must visit. It was constructed around 820AD by the Aghlabid rulers as also known as Holy men (direct translate) a fortress from the Sicilian Christians. Parts of the fortress were former quarters of soldiers, a prayer hall and the tower which is used as a stand to view the great mosque and the port.

The former

Christian Catacombs

are found near the medina. They were used as a hiding place for the early Christians under persecution during the Roman Empire expansion. The catacombs tunnel is more than 5km (with more than 15,000) but only 100m of it is accessed by the tourists. The camel market is held every Sunday near the catacombs


Kalaout el-Koubba

dates back to the 12th century housing the traditional Fatimid museum. The museum is beautifully designed and decorated in Fatimid art while the dome is an irregular diagonal lines to the surface-a typical style of building of Fatimid.


El Kantaoui village

is painted in white and blue and part of the captivating sights in this beach village are the boats, water adventures, Andalucian arches, the international standard golf courses, cobblestone streets and boutique hotels among others sights.


Dar Essid House

is a private museum that formerly belonged to a wealthy family from 19th century. Its rooms are well decorated in traditional art and pieces like the Roman Oil Lamp while former servant quarters are used as a modern cafeteria.

Getting There

Sousse is easily accessed from the capital city of Tunis by road, train and by air from Monastir Airport. There are cars for hire in Sousse to take you around this beautiful city

Alternatively explore Sousse on train that connects several cities from Tunis, Hammamet and other small towns. There are domestic flights from Sousse Monastir airport to other major towns in Tunisia. You can also get public buses to Tunis, Kairouan, Gafsa and Kasserine .

Hotels and Accommodation

Like in all other parts of Tunisia, there are plenty of options for overnight accommodation and dining in Sousse. Get luxury five-star treatment from Movenpick Resort and Marine Spa, Riadh Palms Hotel Sousse, Marhaba Tour Khalef and the TejMarhaba Sousse Hotel. Other accommodation facilitlies in Sousse include the budget hotels like three-star Le Marabout Hotel, Royal Beach Hotel, Le Printemps, and Hotel Panorama among others. There are also guesthouses, private apartments and many more. In house facilities for Sousse Tunisia hotels include restaurants, shuttle services, 24/7 room service, internet, well stocked and swimming pool.

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