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Tunisia has a total of 8 national parks featuring some of the rarest plant species and animals that are almost not seen anywhere else in the world. There are some located in the desert and other near water logged region in central Tunisia.

Although there are not many animals to watch, Tunisia’s national parks are rich in a variety of migratory birds, endemic to the northern part of Africa. You can actually have a Tunisia safari tour of all Tunisia National and nature parks in a single day tour

Lake Ichkeul National Nature Park

Nature park of Lake Ichkeul is the most famous park in Tunisia. As a world heritage site since 1980, the park is home to nearly 200 species of birds-particularly, geese, storks, flamingos and ducks among other that visit the lake to feed and nest. The nature park eco-system comprises of Lake Ichkeul, swamp, seasonal rivers and a mountain.

Chaambi  National Park

Chambi park was gazetted as a biosphere nature park under UNESCO since 1977. It is found on the border with Algeria and stretches a total of 6,700 hectares in Jebel Chambi region. The park has more than 260 different species of plants, 24 species of mammals such as Barbary sheep, deer, gazelle and birds like Bonelli eagles, European hawk, Egyptian vulture and the patridge among others

Bou Hedma National Park

This park is located in the southern region of Tunisia and is one of the largest parks in Tunisia. It covers an area of 16 400ha with many plants and animals. Some of the park’s wildlife includes dorcas gazelles, acacia totillis, ostrich, addax antelope and Barbary sheep

Boukornine National Nature Park

Also found in Northern Tunisia, Boukornine Nature Park occupies some 1,900 ha in the outskirts of Hammam Lif town. Some of the wildlife in the park includes wild cats, jackal, wild boar, porcupine, raptors, reptiles like chameleons, ocellated lizards, snakes, tortoise and many others

El Feija National Park

Located about 200km west of Tunis the capital, El Feija Park was designated as a preserve for the Barbary deer. The 417 hac park is home to a variety of mammals such as jackal, weasel, fox, wild boars, hedgehog, wild cats, porcupine,hare , bat, mongoose and many other small mammals. More than 70 different species of birds are found in the park and these include levaillant pic, cuckoo, wood pigeon, squire, owl, raven, hawk, booted eagle, warbele, canary and the blackbird to mention a few

Jbil and the Oasia of Douz

This nature park introduces you to the lush part of the Sahara of Tunisia. Jbil Park is an important bird conservation region in Tunisia that was gazzetted as a park in 1994. Some of the animals in this park include gazelles, fennecs, reptiles and birds too.

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