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The Kibale Forest is located in western Uganda in Kibale district with one of Uganda’s remaining equatorial rainforest contains the highest concentration of primates in the world – thirteen species live here including about 500 chimpanzees. the park lies in a protected area adjoining Queen Elizabeth National Park making a diverse wild habitat and eco-system for western Uganda.

kibale forest national park

Kibale Forest Chimpanzee TrackingIt is an enchanting forest full of lakes, marshes, patches of grasslands, lowland tropical rainforest, deciduous forest and montane forests, perfect for its arboreal inhabitants. Much Forst is water logged, adjacent to Bigodi Wetland and swamps.

Kibale Forest Wildlife

Kibale forest is home to more than 13 different species of primates including the Black and white Colobus, L’Hoest’s Monkeys, grey cheeked mangabeys, chimpanzees, olive baboons, red colobus, red tailed monkeys, diademed monkey, blue monkey and Galagos. Other wild animals include bush bucks, warthogs, giant forest hog, impala, genet, red duiker, buffalo, bush buck, bush pig, African civet, hippos, elusive elephants and more.

The bird life is amazing with at least 325 species identified here including horn bills, African pitas, green breasted pitas, African grey parrots, ground thrush Prirogrine. A vist to Bigodi wetland swmaps will be rewarding with several sights of papyrus endemic birds like great blue Turaco, black billed Turaco, white spotted crake The buzz of life is audible, but a silent encounter to take your breath away is standing amongst clouds of fluttering butterflies, of which this park boasts 144 different species!

Kibale forest chimpanzee tracking

There are more than 1,000 chimpanzees in Kibale forest park and you’ll find many of these playing about in the overhanging vines and feeding among the fig trees. The Kibale chimps are the prime attractions on Uganda primate safaris after the gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable forest


Primate walks in Kibale forest are always guided and led by well trained rangers so be sure of your safety on the chimp trails. Pre-booking is very important since you have to book chimp tracking permit before arrival to the park. Be warned however, once the chimps decide to move on at high speed through the branches, keeping up with them can be quite a challenge

Primates Lodge Kibale

Many of Kibale’s chimpanzees and primates are habituated to human visitors, as a sustainable eco-tourism initiative allowing people to visit has been running since 1992.

March to May and then November are excellent months for Uganda primate safaris and chimp tracking in kibale forest National Park. The park is open 8h00 and closes at 18h00.

Kibale forest park accommodation

Kibale Primates lodge

is managed by the park and local people located near Kanyanchu visitor’s centre where tourist information is got. The lodge has 8 large walk-in canvas tents, en-suite bathrooms, a large restaurant, lounge/ reception and bon fire for the evening

Kibale forest Lodge

is located along the route to Bigodi swamps with scenic views of Kibaale forest from the verandah. The lodge had 5 large canvas tents, 2 rooms for the main building, running water, en-suite bathrooms, a restaurant, well stocked bar and laundry services among other facilities.

Chimps Nest camp

is located on the edge of the forest near Nyabubale a few kilometers from

Bigodi swamps

with 6 self contained cottages, a cool tree house and backpacking facilities. There are luxury suites, self contained apartments and budget camps.

Kibale Tented camp

is run by Nature lodges Uganda only 2km form Bigodi Swamps with stylish and well furnished grass thatched cabs, flush toilets, en-suite bathrooms, verandah and a camp fire at night.

Other accommodation options include Chimpanzee valley resort, Nkingo safari hotel,

Mountains of the moon lodge

, guesthouses, inn and bead and breakfast facilities.

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