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Bungee Jumping Zambia


Imagine the thrill regarding jumping straight into space, hovering as some bird thereafter saved from plunging into the fast moving waters below with the help of a haul back upwards at a greater speed with the assist of an elastic cord!

Without a doubt, that’s the awful sensation of genuine bungee jumping in a spectacular setting similar to the Batoka Gorge.

Lately, this kind of sport is actually trendy especially with bold adventurers with regard to certain sites all around Africa. This is an complete bliss whilst you throw oneself down the high cliff, your head first at the same time overlook the gorgeous vistas below.As you book your holiday or vacation in Zambia,you will enjoy the natural beauty of the country and if you are a fun of bungee jumping,know the best time to visit Zambia and delight in bungee jumping.

Adventurous Guide to Bungee Jumping

Making your reservation for bungee jumping isn’t imperative. What you need to undertake will be to have a hike as far as the famous 111m hunging bridge that goes through the boundary post in no man’s land, approximately between Zambia and Zimbabwe, straddling across the breathtaking Batoka Gorge. It is described as undoubtedly the preferred bungee areas all over the world! Accommodation in Zambia ranges from hotels,lodges,guest houses a well as apartment.You will enjoy your stay as  adventure  with your bungee  jumping.