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Chimfunshi Chimpanzee Sanctuary

CHIMFUNSHI Chimpanzee Sanctuary AND ANIMAL Orphanage

For 25 years, this

animal sanctuary

continues to be maintained by David and Sheila Siddle an English couple which has lived here for a long time. This orphanage is based in Chingola township, ahead of the Kafue River. Domestically prominent for looking after for animals, a young harmed chimpanzee was recovered from Congolese poachers then brought to Sheila for nursing.

That undertaking of love began a method which has changed Chimfunshi easily into a worldwide recognized center as well as rehabilitation hub for chimpanzees.

Chimfunshi is now home to more than 50 chimpanzees kept in 2 enclosures; one particular walled and the other with solar powered fence and caging to the latest introductions.

Interact With The Chimpanzees

This center has exceeded its capacity and there is need for extra acreage as well as funding.

Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage Trust

is created to seek backing to extend the centre. The Trust has been able to buy a nearby farm with 10000 acres. Its goal is to make a 2500 acre fenced enclosure for the chimps, a

wildlife sanctuary

, education and learning facilities and also a guest lodge.
Though Chimfunshi will not plan for guests as of this time, overnight accommodation will be available for tourists who are sincerely interested in chimpanzees and can spend on it. Bookings for safari lodges are however required. There is also a Chimfunshi outdoor camping spot around the shores of River Kafue.If you’re around this remote section of North West of Zambia, it truly is deserving of a day trip. Besides the opportunity of meeting these creatures, you will furthermore always be boosting the particular sanctuary.