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Kafue is the oldest and

largest national park in Zambia

. It was established in the year 1950 and it stretches over more than 22,400 sq. km. this si the second ranking  largest National park, almost the mass of Wales.Although the park is close to the copper belt and Lusaka, it remained undeveloped until these current years. Because of lack of management and absence of poachers, the park has maintained its immaculate natural state and is an African piece of wilderness that is so ideal for superb bird watching, game viewing and fishing.The stunning Busanga plains located in the north west region of the park or game reserve, the verdant dambos found in the south, the dense forested wilderness and the three rivers Lufupa, Kafue and Lunga  have been credited for the large game populations in the park.

Take A Safari To Kafue National Park

Thousands of red Lechwe commonly graze in the verdant grasslands. Over 45 years ago, the Lechwe were more or less extinct in this region but with the founding of a National park in the region, the has been an exponential revival of their numbers; sighting them itinerate on these colorful plains is such a spectacular view,stay in the best safari lodges Zambia and enjoy the wilderness of Africa. In the wet season they are seen splashing in the not so deep waters and the funny thing is that lions which have a phobia for water are usually seen running after them in the water.

Among the other types of antelops resident in this area are the popular lichtenstein’s hartebeest, zebras, puku, buffalos, impalas, reedbucks and the oribi. Warthogs and bush pigs are other residents.

The shy sitatunga if common in the swamps and their characteristic wide spread hooves help them to walk on the floating reeds. In the northern area, large herds of sable containing about 30-40 of them and the roan antelope are usually seen.Zambia car hire will definitely enable you  tour the entire country as you appreciate the true beauty of Africa.

 Adventure With The Best Wildlife

The zebras,Because of the rich game within these lands, a number of lions have been attracted into this place and large prides of about

20 lions can be seen often

. Leopards and cheetahs are commonly seen and the cheetahs are able to work out on their incomparable speed. The park in addition holds a variety of smaller animals like the civet, mongoose and genet.Contact a reliable tour  operator who will offer you the best safari packages to Zambia

Bird watching in the dambos and river banks is very interesting. Among the species that cant be missed are the wattles cranes, Pel’s Fishing Owl and the purple crested lourie. There are over 350 varios species of birds registered in the park.Because of the existent river Lunga and river Kafue,fishing tours or activity in this area is interesting, with the availability of good bream, fresh-water pike and barbel. Majority of the available lodges have fishing rods, tackles, bait and boats. The yearly fishing competition is hosted at Musungwa Lodge which is located in southern Zambia on lake Itezhi Tezhi during the month of September.During this season,everything is bit expensive and so you are kindly recommended to book your holiday or vacation in Zambia in advance so that you are not left out.

Visit Safari Spots In Kafue National Park

Kafue national park is the oldest in Zambia and covers an area of 22,400 sq kilometers. It is among Africa’s largest national parks. It has three rivers supplying it and these include Kafue, Lufpa and Lunga, while the main prominent wetland possession it has is the Busanga Swamp. During the rainy season, the neighboring Busanga plains flood but as the waters drawback around May, they remain fertile and green attracting herbivores in vast numbers. In addition to other species, there is a very large resident population of Lechwe which also attract large numbers of lions, cheetahs and leopards in this vicinity.Accommodation in Zambia is cheap and they have the best luxury hotels in Africa.All you have to do is to book in advance prior to your safari in Zambia.

See Flora And Fauna

As you progress soothly, the dambos- swampy grassland further extends. However, the region is generally more fertile and is dotted with a few miombo woodlands.

Because of the rich and verdant surrounding, there is plenty of game and bird species. The rivers also present an excellent platform for fishing particularly in the region surrounding the 370sq. kilometer wide Itezhi Tezhi Dam located in southern region.

Flights to Zambia

are cheap to enable you visit the country  and experience its true beauty.

The terrain of North Kafue is best suited for tourism while the southern region is less toured. The southern part has less game as compared to the north and it is difficult to access camps in this area. Despite the increasing investment in this area, at the moment it is not advisable especially for amartures or enthusiastic game devotees to take this as part of their itinerary.

Kafue can be visited both in the wet and dry seasons.

During the wet season, predators in the northern region adjust their behavior with lions hunting in the water, and climbing trees so as to remain cool in the dry season. There are numerous predators in Kafue and among them are lions, cheetahs, wild dogs and leopards.

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