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Livingstone Zambia

Livingstone is named after the famous European explorer and missionary David Livingstone who is believed to have been the first European to see the majestic Victoria Falls in 1885.As a major European settlement, this particular township was formed into the capital of Northern Rhodesia by 1911. Being the capital city, it boasted of outstanding establishments far finer quality than other regions in the region.

This is certainly seen by way of enduring colonial buildings that in fact stretch across the city’s main road, and not to mention previously had the distinction of having the nation’s first newspaper. The main town later transferred to Lusaka from 1935 as a result, the frantic city happens to be a calm town, just slightly overlooked but still holding onto a special background.

Livingstone sights and sounds

Victoria Falls and its Splendor

Livingstone is the safari home of Zambia safari holidays thanks to the famous waterfall Mosi oa Tunya (local name for Victoria Falls) loosely translated as the Smoke that Thunders. Victoria Falls is the major reason that several people from all across the world visit Zambia in thousands every year. There are many natural wonders in the world but non compares to the magnificent water flowing over 100m deep gorge that kind that form a huge white cloud over the area.

The Zambezi River that flows into the gorge to the area of Victoria Falls has a host of adventures activities for any tourist. Sundowner cruises, bungee jumping, abseiling, helicopter rides and gentle canoe trips for game viewing trips are only but part of the adventures to enjoy while in Livingstone.

The monuments of the missionary explorer Livingstone give an obscure insight into the work of this early European missionary and his works in Zambia or say in southern Africa. Livingstone museum located 20km from the spot of Victoria Falls is the largest and oldest museum in Zambia established in 1930. Enjoy each of the four different galleries here with exhibits covering ideas on archaeology, Zambia’s cultures, natural history, ethnography and art among others.

Visit the tiny Livingstone Island in Zambezi River. It is the exact spot where Livingstone first set sight on the glorious cloud of Victoria Falls. Take a dugout canoe to the island and find accommodation at the Tongabezi safari lodge. Royal Zambezi hotel is a few minutes walk from Victoria falls and offers excellent accommodation, dining and safari itinerary.

other attractions in Livingstone Zambia

In support of steam engine fans, the Railway Museum in Chishimba Falls street holds a handful of great examples of Zambia’s railway legacy consisting of outdated steam engines, outdated images showing the railway pioneer efforts, antique coaches and the tiniest railway collectibles.

Significant examples of old colonial architectural mastery will be the North Western Hotel, Coillard Memorial Church and the St Andrews Anglican Church all built around the 1900’s. Trip on a ship over the upper Zambezi, visit the boat club where you’ll find some two deck ship identified as the

African Queen


Its trading markets located in Dambwa north and also near the police station seem to be quite beautiful and also bustling.

The proximity from Livingstone town towards the Zambezi River along with the magnificent Victoria Falls has led it to turn into a destination for people across the world attempting to discover this 7th wonder on the planet. There are many Tour Agencies offering River safari as well as boarding, White Water rafting through Batoka Gorge, Tandem kayaking within the Upper Zambezi Rapids, Jet boarding and Canoeing. Wild Safaris walks or game drives around the the Mosi-o-Tunya National Park, Elephant as well as Horse riding trails which often grant the best view for wildlife in the Reserve. Helicopter flips above the falls, Bungi Jumping on the remarkable Victoria Falls Bridge, Abseiling and Gorge Swinging from the wide cliffs for Victoria Falls Gorge and ultimately spend sometime sport fishing around the upper Zambezi waters and also play golf in a veritable botanical garden located in Livingstone.

Transport; Zambian Airways has got scheduled flights for Livingstone from Lusaka. Using Highway, Livingstone may be linked via 3 routes. Assuming you’re travel from Zimbabwe, cross the boundary town of Victoria Falls along the famous Victoria Falls Bridge, take straight within this road approximately 10 kilometres. From Botswana, go across the boundary from Kazungula by ferry, carry on east for about 60kms. Beyond Lusaka, Livingstone is actually 470 kms south of Kafue road and also crossing Kafue Bridge towards Mazabuka.


There are many dining places within Livingstone Town particularly; Indian Utsav Restaurant on Mosi-o-Tunya road, the Chinese Laughing Dragon Restaurant pretty much down the main street and also nearby is the Hungry Lion Outlet. Hippo’s pub behind Fawlty Towers serves exceptional foods. ZigZag also has a booking office many different activities. The Waterfront serves meals available on their terrace over the river’s edge. The Sun International Hotels have actually numerous good eateries although they’re very expensive. The list for dining across Livingstone is rather unlimited.

Curio Shops like the African Visions boasts a broad range of African as well as Zambian artwork and crafts. Kubu Crafts along Mosi-o-Tunya road markets fine wood crafted pieces of furniture as well as different antiques and souvenirs.

 Touring around

Hemingways, a tour company gives you tours, transfers and vehicle hire. Imperial Car Rental offers a exceptional vehicles to tour all over Livingstone, and the Victoria Falls. AJ Car Rental and Tours gives you self drive car hire and also normally takes excursions within the town area along with airport shuttle services. Makoro Quest, Bundu Adventures and Bushtracks Africa include companies likewise doing day excursions and transportation.

Next time a person visits

Livingstone within Zambia

, explore the actual distinctive tropical fruit this world provides. With regard to fresh fruit lovers, it will likely be an unforgettable goal. Nicely, I selected ten common Africa fruits that one can easily find in Livingstone. Prepare together with your spicy taste buds while you continue reading and most importantly consider these fruits as well as their own trees and shrubs the next time a person goes to Zambia particularly Livingstone.

What To Expect


is really a hard spear like bell-shelled fresh fruit having a sleek brown-to-green velvet surface. If this fruit ripens it may be cracked available to reveal several seed products covered in a lotion white natural powder. This particular fresh fruit comes from a large Baobab sapling that is also known as the actual upside-down tree due to the root-like look of its limbs.Mubuyu tastes a little bit like cream-of-tartar and it is dried out seeds could be sucked like chocolate or drenched to make a few juice. You can find this particular fruit from nearly all the neighborhood markets in Livingstone particularly at Maramba Market as well as Dambwa Central Market.


is a pod-like hand formed fruit that has a tangy flavor of fairly sweet as well as bitter.It’s brown seed products coated with the pulp that holds the taste of this fruit. Its trees are easily present in Livingstone as well as you may also find this fruit in the marketplaces within Livingstone. You may also saturate paid out Musika in water to create some fresh fruit liquid from it.


is really a fleshy succulent brown seeded fruit. It’s a really filling fruit as it offers more chewable flesh compared to its seedling. On a sun-drenched day time in Livingstone, Monso-monso would be a perfect thirst quenching fruit.


is really a grapes-like yellow-colored fresh fruit that’s common within Livingstone. It’s dark brown seeds and it has a pleasing fruity fragrance .It is the monkey’s favorite fruit .Its trees are commonly available at the actual Victoria Drops and game park surrounding forest within Livingstone. Whenever Muchenje is within period, you’ll find it at nearly all the actual marketplaces within Livingstone.


is a hard rind fresh fruit which has delicious seeded flesh and it has a shape and size of a small bowling golf ball. Whenever completely ripe, it turns yellow-colored in an outward direction and it has dark brown fairly sweet succulent pulp within .You will have to lightly crack this having a hummer or create a pit in it as well as put the juice or even suck the actual liquid through each light you put in your mouth. Its trees are available almost everywhere within Livingstone, stretching from home areas to the outer wilder countries of Livingstone. It’s spicey smell is a pleasing one and it is like a mixture of Watermelon as well as citrus tastes. One way to find out if the Mahuluhulu fresh is as simple as shaking it and you’ll hear an audio. Maramba and Dambwa Main markets are places it is simple to find this particular fruit within Livingstone.

A Guide To Livingstone Safari


is a dark brown difficult seeded tablet formed fruit. It may be chewed which is it’s pores and skin that holds the flavor. You will have to throw the seed products after lightly chewing a good amount of it at any given time.Muzinzila is sold within bundles from nearly all local markets within Livingstone. Although it’s a seasonal fruit, it can be maintained as well as sold dried out throughout the year.

Masuku is really a fresh fruit having a brown outer coating with yellowish ridged seed products within. Although, their tresses tend to be generally found in The southern area of Land, they are barely present in Livingstone. You will find abundant as you proceed The southern area of Province of Zambia. There are also Masuku fruits whatsoever Livingstone marketplaces when it is in period.


is a coffee brown dried out toned pod fruit that you can locate fairly easily in the markets within Livingstone. The actual monkeys as well as baboons which live in the Livingstone wilderness also like consuming Musekeseke.It’s trees will also be typical within the outskirts of Livingstone. Although this particular fresh fruit might not very easily end up being found at the actual markets it still remains prominent fruit to the local people associated with Livingstone. Young adventurous kids ascend Musekeseke trees to pick the fruit but most of the times they use gemstones in order to aim in the all of them.


also called Mushibi is a scarlet capsule seeded fresh fruit. Its trees tend to be difficult decidius trees and shrubs which are typical within Livingstone. Muzauli can be eaten like chocolate though this dosage not have access to because fairly sweet taste .It is also drenched after which added to porridge or consumed just by itself. It’s greasy organic taste makes it a unique fruit. You will not discover Muzauli in the market however, you will definitely run into its trees in Livingstone.


is a greenish-brown hard fruits which. The trees and shrubs are not which common within Livingstone but the fruits on the wilderness found their own way to the nearby markets when you gnaw this particular fruit it becomes slummy yet fairly sweet. First you divided it open to take away the seeds. Size an american one fourth. Seeds along with a pleasing fragrance cue ball for swimming pool game.Do  discover these details educatively. Next time put forth Livingstone, don’t forget to hunt with regard to these types of distinctive unique tropical fruits.