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Mweru Wantipa National Park

The park stretches to include the Lake, Mweru, it swampy surrounding and is 3000sq km. It is within the northern Zambia around Kaputa district.

The swamp near lakeshore is regarded as a home for various wild birds all through the rainy season. There are actually herds of elphants, lions, the endangered black rhinos and even buffalos. More poaching has decreased the numbers of wild animals in this park remaining with small herds.

The park can be reached through Nchelenge, on the dirt road alongside Lake Mweru and take the right from Mununga, then left in Nkoshya. From the eastern side, after Mporokoso, move to the appropriate on Mukunsa and right yet again at Nkoshya.

There is just one track through the park ending at Kaputa near the Zaire border. The park is definitely inaccessible over the wet time of year of December to March.