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Ngonye Falls Zambia


Close to the town of Sioma will be

Ngonye falls

also termed Sioma Falls. The waterfall is undoubtedly a vital section of the Zambezi River because it flows into the upstream

Victoria Falls

. The stunning falls may be hardly within reach driving them to be tucked away from the tourists and travelers.The Ngonye Falls are mostly impressive as a result of deep volume of water that cascades over the clear twenty metre wide drop.

A fascinating trait is that the river runs under the cliff for either sides of the falls and then an awe-inspiring view for the water surface.

There is lots of white water rapids which make for a wonderful day on a river rafting trip particularly starting from February untill May, following the rainy season.

You’ll have actually fantastic photographic scenes at this point at any time of the season; however it turns improved throughout June and July once the water is high. Adjacent Sioma Ngwezi National Park boasts a number of wild animals you are able to discover if you choose to make a nature walk also. Regular scenery have the elephant, the roan antelope, Sable Antelope, wild dog, Impala, Zebra, plus Kudu that usually patrol the water holes.

Tour Ngoye Falls In Zambia


Get to the town of Sioma but request a guide to escort you to the falls. It is actually best sighted by way of walking down of Sioma. There’s usually a dugout canoe designed to ferry you along the Zambezi, then an additional two kilometre hike back upstream will take you to the falls’ best vantage point.


There are various safari lodging along with accommodation choices to book in depending on the budget. Many of them are located along the banks on the Zambezi River and will transfer you for a day trip to these falls. Mutemwa Camp to the river banks, north of Sesheke now offers day trips to the falls plus fantastic fishing to get tiger fish and bream.Sakazima Area Camp is yet another camp past the falls, but a great stopover permanently fishing and bird watching along the riverine setting and core river islands.

You could find them 25 kilometres north regarding Katima Mulilo.Other alternatives consist of Kabula Lodge, Mazima Bay lodge, the Protea hotel, Susuwe Island lodge and others.

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Other Falls in Zambia


A set of water ways and rapids flowing for the main falls approximately 30m high along the Ng’ona River. This really attractive waterfall was believed to be some sort of sanctuary of gods and spirits. The water from the Ng’ona River are used for cleansing chiefs prior to they are installed on the throne so as to purify these people of tribulation. Nestled around Kazembe and Kawambwa within the Luapula Province, this is just another perfect spot for camping outdoors.


This waterfall is actually combination of 3 falls located in Kasama in the Northern Province. The east of the riverbank is usually a wonderful hiking area whilst the west consists of some sort of forest jungle. The same as several other falls, Chisimba is also a revered site in the local Bemba tribe.


Chipepe Falls, like Lumangwe, is along the Kalungwishi River. Chimpepe means something overhanging. They are home to delicious local bream fish.


Mutumuna is before the Chishimba Falls in fact it is presumed that the god of Mutumuna is here. On account of the revered nature of the Falls no sexual activity, arrogance in addition to argument is allowed around vicinity of the particular Falls.


When it comes to January, these Falls have reached their brim and also surpass their name which in Bemba means the resonating rush of plunging water that may be overheard even before you see them.


5 kms on the Kalungwishi river after the Lumangwe Falls, you’ll see the series of some great waterfalls, each spilling in to the another. The Falls are considered a sacred shrine for the local people. A number of frogs are seen here which locals interprete as they’re some earthly kind of snake gods.Beneath the falls, you can find a heavily wooded ravine with some ancient paintings over the rock under fixed rainbow.


Mumbuluma Falls are some miles away from Mansa area and run down into the Mumbuluma River. Both falls plunge 5-10m in height and are wider. Even though thought to be sacred, are considered a national monument and entry is actually following payment of some money.


This is usually a set of 2 little falls at Kalungwishi River, 95kms away from Mporokoso. The bigger one is nearly twenty five meters high and overflows in the rainy season.

There is a revered shrine and even a traditional caretaker appointed by the local Chief who attends to the area

. Local people suspect that ignoring ritual as well as prayer at the falls results in disasters and calamity.