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White Water Rafting Zambezi


The terrific

Zambezi River

offers one of the several best areas for

white water rafting adventures

worldwide. Near Batoka gorge, the excitement raises with respect to the 23 navigable white water rapids along with the dazzling scenery fringing the large black cliffs. Precisely what more might a water sporting lover want?

These rapids beginning from simply after the falls race in large rubber rafts. The possibilities regarding rafting there seem to be never-ending; you may start by the a few hour’s excursion, full day or two day trip.

Throughout March and also around July, the river will be high and just 13 rapids are used. From the time the water reduces, that is around June up to February, all 23 are passable. This particular experience is great for groups having more than 4 people.

When To Go Rafting Zambezi River

Right after the thrilling expedition down the Zambezi, pitch a camp at the Batoka GORGE where by you will listen to the particular noises of the wildlife at night around a campfire with some refreshments. Overnight accommodation or camps are often placed around the sandy beaches of the river’s edge deep in the Gorge. The adventure starts the very next day with a tempting breakfast at the camp.
there are many of

Tour and adventure companies

that can arrange for you this particular adventure irrespective of the duration and even package services for instance great food, camping outdoors as well as all accessories which you may need for this expedition.