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Zambia National Parks

Zambia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Africa for mostly the endless safari adventures in this one beautiful country. There are several parks and reserves in Zambia yet each of them presents plenty of game safaris, walking safari and elephant ride adventures.

South Luangwa National Park

is among the best and most visited safari game parks in Zambia. Located in the lush Luangwa valley’s steep escarpment walls, south Luangwa Park was first gazetted as a reserve in 1904 covering more than 3000 sq km of lush savanna, forested river Luangwa banks and several lakes and streams flowing in the park

This abundant habitat is home t


huge herds of elephant and buffalo, hundreds of animals strong, which are particularly spectacular if encountered whilst on foot. Impala and puku are prolific, while bushbuck, eland and kudu are often seen. Of particular interest are three unique subspecies: the beautiful Thornicroft’s giraffe, with its dark patterned skin, Crawshay’s zebra and Cookson’s wildebeest. The main predators are lion, leopard and spotted hyena, though wild dogs are occasionally seen.

Find several option of safari accommodation such as world-class safari camps, rustic safari lodges and bush camps, some of which are the best in the country. Enjoy a wide range of safari activities including elephant back safaris, walking safaris, game drives, horse back safaris and so much South Luangwa National Park.

North Luangwa National Park

defines pristine safaris in the word itself. Renowned for the first walking safari around 1980, north Luangwa is indeed a safari haven. There is so much to expect here as the Luangwa river valley remains a lush habitat for wildlife that migrate between the South and North Luangwa national parks.

Besides the diverse array of wildlife in wide grassy plains, through Mopane woodland to rich riverine forests hosting Acacias, Mahoganies and Sausage Trees. Mwaleshi river, a tributary of Luangwa river winds through rocky plains forming a series of waterfalls in the park while attracting a host of water loving animals during the dry season.

The particular park is mostly famous for its huge herds of buffalo, prides of lions regularly viewed on the hunt, hyenas, bushbucks, wildebeests, zebras, warthogs, baboons, vervet monkeys, leopards, hartebeests, eland, puku and also the impala. Elephants are as well spotted moving from the south park.

There aren’t good options for accommodation in this game park since the road network is quite poor. This game park is however good for Zambia walking safaris and birding adventures.


National Park

is probably the largest game reserve in Zambia occupying the area around the banks of river Kafue including the Busanga swamps, marsh and the small streams pouring into the river.

The abundant grasslands have thousand of red lechwe. Different antelopes located here happen to be blue wildebeest, impala, hartebeest, roan, tsessebe, reedbuck, oribi, sitatunga, puku plus the duiker. Common views are the the buffalo, baboon, vervet monkeys, zebra, bushpig plus warthog. When the rains flood in May, many hippos remain stranded in the shallow pools until the floods recede in the dry season.

There are many Zambia safari lodges in Kafue park with good accommodation and tourist adventures such as fishing, boating, game walks, guided bird walks and  tours to Itezhi Tezhi dam being part of the safari holiday package offered.

The park is bisected in the middle by the Lusaka-Mongu road, and in many ways we can consider the north of Kafue National Park as quite different from the south side. While the northern side is well facilitated with good tracks and paths, the southern side has been neglected although the arrival and establishment of safari lodges is on going in this part of the park.

Lower Zambezi National Park

is found in the huge rift of the Zambezi valley on the banks of the Zambezi river. The landscape is beautiful: tall leadwoods, ebonies, acacias and figs stand on a carpet of rich grassland growing on the volcanic rich soils.

The best time for game viewing here comes during the dry season as several animals visit the banks of the river in search for water pool. Some of the sights include elephant, buffalo, hippo, waterbuck, kudu, zebra, crocodiles, impala warthog, roan, eland, vervet monkey as well as baboons. Nocturnal animals are the hyenas, porcupine, civet, genet and honeybadger are also common. Game viewing is great from the month of April to Speptember

Lower Zambezi Park together with the adjacent Mana Pools national park in Zimbabwe are great destinations for bird watching. Some of the recorded species of birds in the area include eagle, kingfisher, heron, stork and bee-eater.

There is a range of great safari camps and a few safari lodges within the Lower Zambezi National Park.

Other Zambia national parks and game reserves include Liuwa National park, Mosi oa Tunya National Park located near the Victoria Falls, Liuwa National Park ,Nyika Plateau Park, Sumbu national park, Lochnivar national park among other small parks and reserves. Each of these Zambia national parks offers unique tourist accommodation in form of Zambia safaris camps and lodges.