Africa Tour Operators

A visa

is certainly a accreditation on a visa kind or in a very legit


of the foreigner permitting this kind of particular person capability to visit in Zambia in only a specific time body upon assessment by an

Immigration law officer

on the port of entry scale of the vacation in Zambia will likely be contingent on an Immigration Professional in the port of entry. The credibility from the visa is not the phase that the proprietor is permitted to remain inside the place nevertheless a time inside which the proprietor need to enter in Zambia.

Apply For Zambian Visa

The subsequent visa strategies will therefore implement

Entry visa Specification

for diplomats too as United Countries Workers Licensed to Zambia.Endorsed or No price Visas could probably be acquired at Zambian Missions abroad or at prts of entry on show of letters of qualifications.

Folks in team over who aren’t authorized to Zambian could easily get visas at a Missions in another country or at prts of your access on exhibition of public/diplomatic passports.

Delegates Planing a trip to Zambia on Authenticated Authorities Venture Delegates from Overseas Providers heading to Zambia really should get Entry Visas at Zambian Missions Abroad or prts of back way as lengthy as they produce official request letters.People beneath segment over integrate delegates have approved letters of invite from vital Ministries, Departments or Overseas Providers depicted in Zambia.

Travelers to Zambia

A legit vacationer is any person going to Zambia just as 1 particular person or amount of individuals above a pre-organized plan excursion by way of an worldwide journey provider or tour operator in partnership with an region tour operator. Tour operators encompass accommodations authorized in Zambia as being a outcome.

All critical vacationers will most certainly be issued with visas at any interface of entry to Zambia or at Zambian Quests in another country Using the exception of people at segment who require visas licensed because of the Main Immigration Officer or even the agreed Zambian Mission overseas.The preceding visa Cost Waiver Isn’t seriously Authentic

Unique Company

Nationals of locations which desire visas to travel in Zambia as regards to seeing close friends or family members should be granted with visas at Zambian Missions overseas or prts of entry. People nationals who will probably choose to obtain this kind of visas nicely forward of time will need to signal up for them towards the Main Immigration Officer.

Service Guests

Nationals of nations which need visas, arriving as experts on organization with organizations in Zambia could probably be granted with entry visas at prts of entrance Apart from people from countries outlined.

A firm visitor need to supply an invite letter from your firm which asked him/her. An enterprise visitor is eligible to thirty nights pay a visit to inside a time interval of twelve months.

Transit guests

Nationals of nations who call for travel visas might possibly obtain them at Zambian Missions overseas or prts of entry aside from individuals from different countries . A transit visa will almost certainly be legit for just a utmost interval or (7) nights.

Working day Trippers

Working day tripper visas will quite likely be introduced at prts of entry to vacationers heading to check out Zambia for any time interval of much less than twenty-four hrs.

Referenced Visas

Nationals with the subsequent international locations heading to Zambia as Private or Company visitors or in transit will make an software for visas towards the Main Immigration Officer or even the subsequent Zambian Missions Abroad

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