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Bulawayo Zimbabwe

Bulawayo locally translated as place of smoky fires is one interesting city to visit while on Zimbabwe tours. Ranked as second largest city in the country, Bulawayo has a royal history being a kraal of the legendary Ndebele kings and this can be seen through the wide streets that once allowed space for oxen path.

So much of Zimbabwe’s history is written in the streets of Bulawayo. The city was the first in Africa to host the early Christian missionaries in southern and central Africa while the colonial era is as well clearly inscribed on buildings today maintained as heritage sites.

Sights and Sounds of Bulawayo


Natural History Museum

found within Centenary Park is the main museum in Zimbabwe and is a custodian of the country’s long history. It is famously renowned for the natural history museum with a collection for more than 70,000 exhibits of mammals, mineral samples and so much more. Going without say, this museum is the largest in the southern hemisphere. The museum is open every day except for major public Zimbabwe holidays.


Matobo hills

were a favorite point for Cecil Rhodes who was an early administrator of the Rhodesia-(colonial name for Zimbabwe and Zambia) who was also buried here. Located south of Bulawayo, Matobo hills are made of fascinating rocky hills. Make it a point to visit ‘

World’s View

’ which is the burial site for Cecil Rhodes as he referred to it. Other sights in the hills include Malebe dam and the San cave paintings of Nswatungi.

Matobo National Park

located within the Matobo hills is home to sable antelope, black rhino and the endangered white rhino. This Zimbabwe safari park has the largest numbers of leopard while the black eagle is one its kind in Africa. The park is fenced off to preserve best of nature’s gifts within the city.

Railway Museum

at prospect Avenue is one sight to behold. It is indeed a museum of its kind with display of the steam locomotives, rolling stock and the buildings that were busy with traffic during the early 1900s. Preserved for your visit, the Pullman saloon and buildings are visited during week days 9am to 4pm.

Tshabalala Game Sanctuary

is located a few kilometers from the city as you proceed to Matobo hills. It is home to various wildlife species including birds and so much more. A walk or bike ride in the small park brings so much info about Zimbabwe’s wildlife. The sanctuary is a favorite education centre for school children and researchers.

Kame Ruins

are a UNESCO World heritage site located about 20km west of the city centre. Here you’ll find late Iron Age that date as far as 1450 when the Torwa state that once covered the entire Zimbabwe area as on the rise. There are terraces and passages supported by massive granite walls, some overlooking Khami Dam and Khami Gorge. A small museum was established here with many old age relics. Other sights here include the Mazwi reserve for walks and a picnic site.

Shopping in Bulawayo

At Mzilikazi Arts and Crafts Centre, you get a thing or two to take home as a souvenir from your Zimbabwe tours in Bulawayo. Located off the Old falls road out of the city centre, Mzilikazi has a wide selection from a wide range of hand made crafts such as sculptures, baskets, pots, bead work and paintings.

Get locally made textile from Bulawayo Home industries such as hand woven items, batik and carefully made embroidery details. The curio shops at the National Art Galley at Douslin house have some interesting Zimbabwe Holiday items to take home.