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There are many tourist

attractions in Zimbabwe

, which include wildlife safari parks, Victoria Falls, botanical gardens and also beautiful suburbs. Looking for a great and also updated Zimbabwe travel guidebook, proficient travel and tour agents can assist you in choosing how to spend a

Zimbabwe safari holiday

, where to go, where to stay and the activities you’ll enjoy doing.

When to Visit

Best Time: Spring or winters (May to August)
The weather of Harare is pleasurable almost throughout the year. The climate of Harare can be divided into three, warm and wet season from November to March/April, somewhat cool and dry months from May to August and a hot and dry season in September/October. The average annual temperature of Harare is low due to the influence of the south-easterly cool winds. It stands at 17.95°C. This low annual temperature is also due to the fact that Harare is located at a high altitude.

Enjoying Harare

Harare climate supports the growth of natural vegetation of open woodland. July is the coldest month in Harare while October is the hottest month of this city of Zimbabwe. The month of January is the mid-summer time in Harare. The temperature during July varies from 7°C to 20°C and that during October ranges between 13°C and 28°C. January witnesses a temperature varying from 15.5°C to 25°C.

According to the Harare weather conditions, a little rainfall takes places in the months of May to September. The average annual rainfall in Harare is approximately 825 millimeters in the south-west and 855 millimeters on the higher land of the north-east. However, rainfall in the city varies from year to year.

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