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One of the biggest towns in Uganda is Hoima preferably called theOil city. Since the discovery of oil in the Albertine region that borders the district in the west, Hoima has grown into limelight with eyes glued on commercial and oil-related industrial growth expected to be seen more in the next five years. Hoima district lies in mid western Uganda within the region that forms Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom.  Having a growing population of nearly 500,000 since 2010, this district is counted among the fastest growing regions of Uganda.


Tourist Attractions

Previously seen as only stop over enroute to Murchison Falls, Hoima has tremendously grown into a fascination for tourists and travelers. The discovery of huge oil wells in the Kaiso area of the Lake Albert rift valley region only makes it better for travelers to stay here for a little while longer!

What to see and do

Hoima Town

-The town itself has that ancient look about it with streets lined with building similar to those built during the oil days. By the way-in the next five years, Hoima town will not have such…you better see visit now! Take some time and visit the busy market for fresh food supplies, Hoima referral hospital and at the end of the day walk around this small town.

St. Peter’s Anglican Cathedral

located off 2km Butiaba road, the cathedral is serene as the grounds on which it was built. The cathedral compound is a good relaxing place on any evening and it is here that you’ll appreciate the hills and beautiful landscape of Hoima.

Katasiha Fort

located only 2 km from Hoima Town on the Biso – Butiaba road is one of the best kept historical points in Bunyoro Kitara.  It was the largest fort built by General Colville after the Kabarega abandoned his capital in Mparo in 1893. There is an 8 meter deep trench (partially filled in) that surrounded the fort for reasons of secutiry.

Bunyoro Cultural Tours

Hoima is the seat of the Omukama (King) of Bunyoro! This town has so many cultural sites of the Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom which onced occupied the whole of western and parts of central Uganda.

Mparo Tombs

was chosen as the capital of King Omukama Kabarega of Bunyoro in 1872 and was buried here in 1923.  This historical site is located 4 km along the Masindi road. Comparable to the royal Tombs in Kasubi Kampala, there is a guide to take you around the tombs and explain rituals and practices associated to this grave site.

Hoima Royal Palace

is the seat of the Omukama of Bunyoro HRH Solomon Gafabusa Iguru I.The palace has many interesting points with the most fascinating being the throne room includes the traditional nine legged throne swathed in leopard skins and barkcloth, spears, royal headdresses and musical instruments are on display. Visits to the palace are by prior arrangements.

Other attractions

The Royal Mile from Budongo Fores

t is a good for birding trips while touring Bunyoro region. The mile boasts as one of the most rewarding bird watching areas in Uganda only 1 hr drive from Hoima via Masindi.

Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve

is a 70 km 90 minute journey from Hoima. This newly established nature reserve covers part of the shores of Lake Albert and the lush escarpment on the Albertine Escarpment. Some of the wildlife in this reserve includes the Jackson’s hartebeest, Uganda kob, buffalo, and warthog.


is a port on Lake Albert famous for its vibrant fishing villages. Another intresting sight on this port is the wreckage of Lake Steamer SS Coryndon that sank during the floods of 1962. Be sure to catch some of the local delicacies and fish at any of the fishing villages.

The Murchison Falls National Park

marks the end of Bunyoro Tours but there is so much more. Any itinerary on Uganda safaris includes stops at the magnificent Waterfalls and the national park. other tours of Hoima and Bunyoro region take you to the town of Fort Portal and Kibale National Park for chimpanzee tracking trips.

Getting there

By road-the town is 3 hours drive from Kampala, the capital of Uganda. There are taxis and buses that offer public transport to Hoima town. Alternative means such as car are available from Kampala’s tour operators and travel Agents

The district can also be accessed from neighboring DR Congo by water. There are ferries and boats that ply Lake Albert from either side.

Hotels and Accommodation

KonTiki Hote

l  is typical an African eco setting located only 2km off the Hoima-Kampala Highway.  It is a preferred for quiet accommodation in rustic thatched roundels, well stocked bar, restaurants,swimming pools and also has horses for horse riding.

Hoima Kolping  Hotel

located on Butiaba road provides comfortable accommodation with single and double beds, bar and restaurant, conference and meeting facilities, all with a very unique hospitality. It is a good option for budget travelers. One great thing about this pick is the sumptuous buffet and breakfast.

Kijungu Hill Hotel

– Located on the outskirts of town, this exotic 2 star hotel offers excellent accommodation for travelers with good meals, spacious rooms, DSTV, Bar, Restaurant and more. There are no blackouts here as the Hotel used Solar systems for lighting and other purposes.

Hoima Resort Hotel Kijungu

-Is one is one of a kind in Hoima. It is a favorite for standard and up-market travellers Fully furnished with 3 star facilities such as health spa, gym, excellent accommodation, restaurant, bar, Satellite Television and spacious parking space.

There a quite a number of hotels, lodges and guesthouses in Hoima . Other Examples include Da Place, Nsamo Hotel and many others.

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