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The Lobéké National Park is a gorilla protected region in Cameroon, known for several western lowland gorillas in Africa that live in the dense forest s of the Congo River basin in southern Cameroon. This Cameroon Park is bordered by Boumba National Park in the North West and Sangha River in east which separates Cameroon from CAR and Congo.


It was declared a national park in October 199 and occupies and estimated 2178 square kilometers. Some of the wildlife in the park includes African forest elephants, red forest buffaloes, bongo antelopes, black colobus monkey, sitatunga, chimpanzees, western lowland gorillas, leopards, forest ungulates, more than 215 species of butterflies, 18 reptiles, 16 species of amphibians and more than 130 species of fish in the rivers and Lake Lobeke.

Night walks in the park will have sights of nocturnal mammals like galagos, pottos, hyrax, bats, nightjars, civets and genets.

More than 300 species of birds are found in the park too and regular sights include the Ja river Scrub warbler, red-nosed green pigeon, chest-nut king fisher, African grey parrot, rhinocerous birds and many other species


There are 3 airstrips in the park that receives private flights and charters from Yaounde and Douala airports. Travel by road is using 4X4 vehicles through the villages of Abong Mbanga, Doume and Molondou. The route form Yaounde to Bertoua is 341km = 6 hours drive, from Yakadouma to berta 7hours drive for 304km and another from Yakadouma to Mambele is 165km-5hours drive.

The park has 2 rainy seasons with the long rains in  September to November and the short rainy season March to June. The best season to visit the park is December to February since the roads tot eh park are firmer and more sights of wild animals are guaranteed.


There are two lodges at Lobeke National Park-Djembe Camp found east on the Sangha river and Kombo camp on the western side near the village of Mambele. These camps have basic accommodation facilties in twin rooms, fitted toilets with maximum accommodation for up to 16 persons per night. Prior booking is very important for this accommodation.

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