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Angola is located in south central Africa, also called the Republic of Angola and shares borders with Namibia to the south, Zambia in the east, DR Congo in the north and the Atlantic Ocean to the west. Angola is trying to reconstruct its self and with this recently embarked development force of rebuilding, there is some hope that Angola will shine once again.

With more than 20 years on internal disputes and civil wars, Angola is rebuilding its infrastructure, transport network as well as improved security conditions. Angola as the destination has its own beautiful attractions that will actually give you a memorable experience. The roads are nice that will take you to the Chimpanzee habitat of Congo rainforest in the north, to the central highlands along with the arid gravel plains of the south that offers a lot to see. Angola favors a vacation with the family members.

Luanda is the capital city of Angola, probably the biggest city in Angola with Angola international airport, sea port. Some of the other beautiful coastal towns include Lobito and Benguela in magnificent scenery and peaceful sea breeze.

Lubango is as pristine as it was before with meandering waterfalls, spectacular volcanic fissures and small vibrant city. Miradouro de Lua has spectacular outlooks for the moonlike cliffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

National parks in Angola

There quite many conservation areas within Angola and about 5 have been up graded into national park and game reserves status. Some of the smaller Angola National Parks include Luando, Chimalavera, Namibe nature reserve, the Cuando-Cubango reserves and other reserves at Longa-Mavinga, Luiana, Luengue and Mucusso.

The wildlife in all the parks have been almost completely wiped out after the devastation wrought by decades of war. Kissama (Quiçama) National Park is located some 70 km south of Luanda. Iona National Park is located some 200 km south of Namibe and borders Namibia’s Skeleton Coast.

Some of the wildlife within Angola includes elephants, the great sable antelope, buffalos and many others.

When to Visit

Whether you are a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler, it’s always important to first get more information about Angola vacations and holidays. The travel industry of Angola doesn’t worry anyone apart from the climatic changes that may a problem.

Angola to the north and the coast have a damp, tropical climate, central Angola sees dry and milder conditions. Towards Namibia, the south has a desert climate and becomes increasingly arid the closer it gets to the Namib Desert.

Angola is located within the summer rainfall Zone and months such as November to mid March are usually humid, wet and hot more common on the coast and the northern part of the country. The winter period is the best for travel and some diseases are fewer around this time. June to September is dry with temperature of 26ºC.

Angola Travel tips

The main airport is located in the capital Luanda with international flights to and from Luanda Angola every week. Cheap flights to Angola are available online with a number of travel agents and websites.

Car hire and travel services available with a number of Angola safari and tour operators for transfer around Luanda and to other Angola town

Find Angola hotels & accommodation in all major towns, may located in Luanda Angola with excellent facilities and hotel rooms. There are safari lodges and inns overlooking Cuanza River with grass thatched chalets and with more eco-tourism approaches.

You can get more information on Angola travel and facts from a number of travel agents and from mission/ embassies located in Luanda Angola.

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