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Angola has picture postcard Beaches  complete with swaying palm trees and white sand and they are one of the  most popular tourist attractions in Angola. With an Atlantic coastline stretching for over 1.650 kms, mighty rivers flow into wide estuaries depositing sediments they have brought with them from the high plateaus to form numerous small islands, bays and sandbanks and where excellent beaches can be found. In Luanda, special mention must be given to the Luanda beaches of Ilha do Cabo, Mussulo, Palmeirinhas, Corimba and Santiago.

Mussulo Island Beach

Mussulo Island is a big bay south of Luanda, with a large and quite beach, white sand and calm sea waters, suitable for the practice of nautical sports. Mussulo is a picture postcard image complete with swaying palm trees and white sand and it is one of the most popular tourist spots in Luanda, the capital of Angola. You can have your sun tan, hide below the shadows of coconut trees and palm trees, relax with peace of mind, have fun with diverse aquatic sports, find accommodations in paradisiac motels, and explore some of the typical food such as ‘pirão’, funge, and moamba.

 Banguela Angola


Benguela sits 700 km south of the Angolan capital of Luanda. It was founded by the Portuguese in 1617 and is a former slave port and the erstwhile terminus of the cross-continental Benguela Railway. Benguela is surrounded by the most interesting Angolan beaches such as Baía-Azul (Blue Bay), Praia Morena (Brunet Beach). Here you’ll find  Baia Azul, Morena, Caóta, Restinga, Caotina, and Baia Farta. From the area on Namibe Das Miragens and Azul.

When to go

Although the climate of Angola is such that the beaches can be visited all year round, it is in fact during the hot season that they are most frequented. The bars all filled and the local music and dancing provide an animated and exotic atmosphere that mixes well with the mystery of the African nights creating the perfect beach holiday in Angola.

Angola beaches are perfect for ending a hectic Angola safari from the interior and even embracing intimate romance for Angola beach honeymoons and wedding

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