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Luanda is the largest city in Angola and also it’s the capital city. This former Portuguese capital is located on the Atlantic Ocean coast in north eastern Angola thus making it an important sea port for this diverse country.

Luanda is ranked high among Africa’s most expensive cities in Africa thanks to major industrial developments and its high population numbers. Today, an estimated 5 million people live in this great Angola city working in the several administrative offices of the government and in other informal sources of employment.


Luanda was first discovered by the early Portuguese explorer Paulo de Novais in 1576 thus naming it as Paulo da Assumpcao de Loanda. At the time, Luanda became home to several settlers, dutch explorers, Europeans and other travelers

In 1618, this town was turned into an important fortress with a series of other smaller forts. The most famous of the forts built by the Portuguese is Fort Sao Miguel which is jealously preserved as an important tourist attraction in Luanda today.

Luanda in 1627 was under the Dutch rule and soon than later, it became an important slave trade market for Brazil and other destinations in America until the late 1850s.  The town also became important for trade and export of Portuguese products like wax, oil, timber, ivory, cotton, cocoa, coffer, peanut, Maize, dried meat, cassava flour and other commodities.

Luanda achieved its independence from the Portuguese in 1975 and has since grown into Angola’s administrative town

Tourist Attractions

There are museums and several monuments in Luanda and among the most visited museums are National Anthropology Museum located 1 mile from the city centre and National Slavery museum that acts as a monument for Angola’s slave trade history.

Mussulo Bay is found in the south western area of Luanda near the sea. The bay is separated from the sea by just 30km long sand spit. Massulo Bay is a large protected area that is popular for excellent birding trips in Luanda. There are an estimated 300 birds in this area with more than 20% of them endemic to the area. Some of the endemic birds in Massulo Bay include pelicans, royal tern, flamingos, Damara tern, Common Redsharl and the European Oyster catcher among others. The Best time to go birding in Luanda is during the summer months of September to April when large numbers of waders and terns visit the bay from Europe and other areas in the northern Hemisphere

Luanda is an important education and institution hub of Angola with important universities such as Catholic university of Angola and the University of Agostinho Neto among others.

The Cidade Alta, a former Portuguese capital in Luanda holds one of the oldest buildings and architectural works of early settlers with an excellent view of the beach and the ocean.

Beach holidays in Luanda are not the same if you take sometime at the famous Illha de Luanda. This spectacular Palm Beach is one of the most exciting beaches in Luanda and Angola at that.  Luanda is no a safe city thus tourists are encouraged to take Angola Luanda tours with a tour guide!


The city has excellent weather classified as semi-arid.  The dry season in Luanda starts around June and ends in October, characterized by fog and average temperatures between 22-25ºC.  The cool weather is from November to April with heavy rains during April and May

Getting there

Luanda is home to Quatro de Fevereiro International Airport which is the main airport and the largest in Angola. Another airport (Angola International Airport) is located in south east Luanda currently under upgrade construction. TAAG Angola Airlines in the national carrier in Angola with its head office located in Luanda offering flights to South Africa and other destinations in south western Africa.

The sea port in Luanda connects Angola to other countries like South Americas Brazil, USA  and major exports and imports to Angola such as sugar, textiles, diamond, iron, salt, coffee, salt, leather and oil.

Hotels and Accommodation

There are several options for accommodation and overnight in Luanda Angola. Some of the five star hotels in Angola Luanda include Le Presidente Meridien Hotel, Hotel Tropico Luanda and Talatona Convention Hotel. Other options for accommodation in Luanda include Ruxinol Luxury Guesthouse, Pensao Caravela Inn, Villa Alice hotel and Hotel Fleuma among others

Many of the overnight options have tourist and business travel facilities like breakfast, dinner, luxury suites, swimming pool, stocked bars, health spas and can arrange safari and tours to many parts of Angola.

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