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Here is some general information for those who may be planning to travel to Angola. Like for many Africa and world travels, a visa is a must have for entry into some Countries. You’ll thus require an entry visa to Angola in the near term. The Embassies and consular offices in the capital Luanda have been authorized to process both ordinary and work visas under current regulations.


Almost all nationalities must get a visa prior to arrival. It is not possible to obtain a visa upon arrival. Passports are a must for entry into Angola. Your passport must be valid for another six months minimum and contain two blank pages.

The processes of concession of the ordinary visa depend on the approval of the Migration and Foreigners Services in Luanda from the day which the application is submitted. The time of stay in the country with this type of visa may not exceed 90 days.

You also need a letter of invitation from a private individual, organization or company stating that they will take responsibility for your stay. Namibians don’t need a visa for Angola.

When obtaining a visa from countries to the north, you will often only be issued a five day transit visa for Angola. If travelling by road, this will only give you enough time to get to Luanda where it takes up to four days to get another five day transit visa. If you’re coming into Angola from DR Congo, you may well need an Angolan visa before entering DR Congo.

Other requirements on entry in Angola include an international vaccination certificate for entry as well indicating yellow fever inoculation within the last ten years according to the Angolan government, but at least on the Namibian/Angolan border, this is not an issue.

Check on the list of requirements for ordinary entry visa below

Requirements for an Entry Visa

  1. Two completely filled out application forms and they have to be typed.
  2. Two recent passport size pictures with a white background and with the name of the applicant’s written on the back of each and glued.
  3. A passport valid for at least 6 months
  4. Documentation or correspondence related to the purpose of travel or, an invitation letter particularly addressed to this consular section
  5. An Invitation Letter sent by the individual or institution to be contacted in Angola.
  6.  Copy of a travel itinerary
  7. Certified check or money order in the amount of $ 141.00


    Personal checks are not accepted. Proof of means of subsistence while in Angola ($ 100.00 per day). A Bank statement or letter from an employer sponsoring the travel normally suffices as proof.

Work Visas

The work visa must be initiated in the country of origin. The Consular office must send the work visa request to the Angolan Migration Services and Aliens (SME) in Angola for approval. The processing time for a Work Visa takes a minimum of 45 days including the day of the submission of the complete paper work required.

The work visa is valid for two years and multiple entries are permitted and the validity of the visa may not exceed the period of the contract.

The applicants for the first time to work in Angola are encouraged to apply for ordinary Visa which enables them to enter into the Angolan territory for working purposes


Requirements for a Work Visa

Copy of a work contract signed by the representative of the firm or institution employing, hiring or sponsoring the trip, stating specifically the job to be performed by applicant, the duration of the contract, and the fact that employer takes full financial responsibility for the applicant. Contract must be authenticated by a Public Notary and it must be addressed to the Consular services of the Embassy of Angola.

Two filled additional application forms

Authenticated copy of the passport

Two additional passport size pictures

Statement authenticated by a Public Notary indicating that applicant agrees to abide by the Angolan laws

Police Clearance authenticated by the Department of State stating that applicant has no pending criminal proceedings

Medical Certificate of health, including HIV test results authenticated by a Public Notary

Certified check or Money Order in the amount of $ 300.00.

Letter of presentation

Curriculum Vitae

Diploma or Certificate of Achievement


The requirements listed above many not be all that is required but more documents may be asked according to the needs of the consular office or embassy.

Transit Visa

Transit visa are specific for say tourists and business people who are in Angola for a short while. All requirements for entry visa apply for transit visa and a few distinctions for transit visa come with a few more requirements like;

  1. A Copy of the air or travel ticket is required.
  2. Two completely filled out application forms.
  3. Proof of means of subsistence while in Angola ($ 100.00 per day).

Angola Travel Tips

Things to be aware of


is 220V running at 50Hz and the Plug types used are round pin attachment plug. Generally speaking, U.S. and Canadian travelers should pack an adapter for these outlets if they plan to use North American electrical equipment in Angola. Be aware of the power related problems in Angola. If you plan to rent a house, you for sure should rent a house with a generator. Power outages are quite frequent.

Drinking Water

: Be careful with the water you drink and avoid tap water. If the restaurant doesn’t have bottled water, drink bottled or canned juice, beer or wine!


Instead of credit cardor other type of currency, bring only dollar since it is the only currency that can be immediately exchanged according to a value known to everyone. Have some local currency note KWANZA for immediate trade or purchase of things.

Just south of Luanda, the Benfica Handcrafts Market offers the best prices for handcrafts and souvenirs. This is an open market where local artists and artisans display their products, and bargaining is not only acceptable, but recommended. The products range from sculptures and paintings to jewelry, batik cloths and accessories.

Hotels and Accommodation

; Luanda has a number of luxury five star Angola hotels including Le Presidente hotel, Tropico Hotel Luanda, Alvalade Hotel Luanda, Hotel Intercontinental Luanda, Hotel Forum Luanda and many others. Each of these has a luxurious pool, restaurants, luxury themed bed rooms, aiport shuttles and taxi services, lounge and so much more…

Food and Dining in Angola

: eating and dining out is not very easy in Angola, not even in Luanda because food is expensive and many of the less well equipped restaurants have poor hygienic conditions. Angolan cuisine is varied and tasty, with local dishes based mainly on fish, cassava products and spicy stews. Angolan seafood is abundant and very good, and the Angolan coast is a special place to eat fresh lobster right off the fisherman’s boat.


: Because malaria is endemic to this country, travelers should also avoid mosquito bites by using with insect repellent and repellent-impregnated bed nets. Furthermore, there is a risk of being bitten by the tse tse fly while in Angola, which causes sleeping sickness; consult a doctor immediately if you start having insomnia. The public hospital are not well equipped with medical equipment but you can try out private clinics in Luanda.


: For reasons of safety prevention, circulation by road must be done by day and in convoys of at least 2 cars. One should ask residents about road conditions before any trip. Don’t go out at night alone or into the slums. Have the doors and windows of your car locked at all times. Avoid giving money to beggars; otherwise you will have a lot of them surrounding you.

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