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A visit to Morondava

Ever been to a place that has almost everything that you would want to look at for more than two or three days? The answer is the Morondava city in Madagascar. Morondava is located at the western coast of Madagascar and as a city has a lot to offer to all those who visit the area as there are numerous tourist attraction sites that are found both with on and near the Morondava city. Planning trips to Morondava is extremely easy for as long as you get the best people to take you around the city. Once you get to Madagascar, you will be able to make the different arrangements so that you can go around and visit the town. Before you visit the city you will need to know the different cultures that govern the state, the dos and don’ts like not taking pictures of locals without their permission and many more others.

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Places to visit and activities that can be carried out in Morondava

There are several places in Morondava that you can visit to carry out the different activities that will make your trip worth it and some of the best things that one can do when the visit the Morondava include the following:

Explore the Baobabs in love

The baobabs in love are two baobab trees that grew while entwined together and this makes them look like lovers. Their close proximity is where the name of the baobabs in love came from. You cannot therefore visit the Morondava without taking at least one photo in front of them as they are believed to give those who are in love luck and help all those that are searching for love.

Visit the Swiss forest

The Swiss forest is also known as Kirindy National reserve and it is a top destination for many tourists who visit Madagascar. The Park has several wild life that you can view from the birds, chameleons to the lemurs which are all endemic to the Island. Tourists who love trekking can also enjoy the different clearly marked routes that are found in the Park and these can only be accessed if you have a trained tour guide with you.

You cannot access the Park especially during the rainy season which is between January to April and this due to the fact that with the poor roads that keep on flooding and have numerous potholes leading to the Park, it is extremely hard to access it and some activities might not be carried out due to mud that is on most of the trucks and the cyclones experienced during this time.

The Kirindy National Park is just two hours from the Morondava city Centre and you will have a good time while visiting it and doing the various activities that can be carried out in the Park.

Visit the Tsingy de Bemaraha                    

The Tsingy de Bemaraha is one of the reasons as to why one should visit the Morondava. The beautiful scenery that is given off by the limestone peaks and the various wild species that are found in the National Park. It is one of the tourist attraction sites that you get to see the moment you get to Morondva and this is because of its proximity that is only 200 kilometers.

Some of the activities that can be carried out at the Tsingy include lemur trekking, botany studies, visiting the locals, birding and many more other exciting activities. It was made a UNESCO heritage site to preserve its natural beauty and that is why you should visit the place so that you get to see this unique beauty on your own.

A visit to the Morondava markets

Like any other places that are found in Madagascar, Morondava has a small market that you visit. The market have various commodities that are sold like fresh vegetables, fresh food straight out of the gardens, different kinds of meat and all the Madagascar specials. The market is also a good place to mix with the locals but do not forget to go with all the bargaining skills that you have as this will help you in getting all the good market products but at a fair price. The only downside about visiting the market is that it is infested with a lot of flies and therefore you should go to the market well prepared. The market is also located just at the roadside giving it easy access to whoever wants to do some shopping.

Visit the villages in Morondava

The local village also known as the fishing village or Betania and this is where the Vezo people live. Getting to the village is by use of a local canoe that is made by the locals and on your trip you get to see various bird species that are always at the coast in search of water and food, a gorge and many people carrying out activities on the coast. When you get to the village, you will get to know more about the locals and their nomadic life that sees them move from one place to the next on sea.

Vezo is Malagasy for people who fish and ‘when you get to the village’, you will learn how they fish using the local methods, how they preserve their fish by either smoking or sun drying it and learn how some local dishes are prepared and the beauty about it is that you get to taste the food that is believed to be the best. Therefore as you visit the Morondava city, make sure that you visit this small town and get to know more about the Malagasy culture.

Relax at the Morondava beach

Morondva is the perfect place for one to relax not with the exclusive beach. There are various beaches in Madagascar but the Morondava beach is the best as it offers tourists more than just relaxing in the sand. There are many restaurants in the area where you can dine from after the day at the beach, you get to see fishermen move around from their fishing expeditions, do all the fun games that can be carried out on a beach and then also get a chance to interact with the locals as they frequent the beach too.

Visit the Avenue of Baobab

The avenue of baobabs is one of the top tourist attractions located in the Morondava and they can be seen lining up on either side of the road as they rise up to the sky. There are over two different species of baobabs in Morondava which are endemic to the Island. The Avenue of Baobabs has been declared a National monument so that the locals stop cutting them down. The baobab trees species that can be found at the avenue include:

  • The Andansonia Grandidieri which is the most famous baobab in Madagascar and this is due to the fact that they rise up to 30 meters high to the sky and are almost three meters wide. They are also known as the upside down trees due to the way they grow.
  • The Belon’I Tsiribihina is another baobab species that can be found on the avenue of Baobabs and to be exact, it is only 40 minutes away from the Nosey Kely.

Entering the avenue of Baobabs is extremely free and you will get to see all the beautiful things that you can only experience when you visit the avenue of baobabs like enjoying the sunset with the ones you love, get to see the new baobabs that are being planted by the government and also get to support the local people who live in the area by buying a few things from the gift shop that is located in the area. These trees are still being cut down by the local people and that has led to the avenue of baobabs to be a protected area so that they are not turned into extinction species like everything else and therefore visiting the place will give it more significance.

Travelling through Morondava can be hectic like the rest of Madagascar. The roads are not in any good shape and the ride is always bumpy that is why you need to be ready for it and since the roads are not good, you also need to be at least an hour early to every place that you visit so that you are not late as the distances become longer than they are.

How to travel to Morondava

Travelling to Morondava can either be done by plane or car depending on your budget and what you want to use. Those that use road transportation get to feel the good side of the road and feel the wild as you pass through the high way. It might take long to reach your destination but the drive will be worth it. And for those that use transport get a view of the city form above seeing it in a new perspective.

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