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Reasons as to why you should visit Nosey Be

Madagascar is located east of the East African coast and was separated from the African continent years back. With its separation came separate tiny Islands that are found within the country and one of them which is considered the biggest is known as Nosey Be.

The word Nosey Be can loosely be translated as ‘big Island’ from the Malagasy language and it is located in Madagascar. It is the most visited beach in the country due to the various activities and tourist attractions that can be found in the area. The Nosey Be also various wildlife that can be seen and some of these include the famous Lemur which is an endemic to the Island.

nosey be Madagascar

There are various reasons as to why you should visit Madagascar especially Nosey Be due to the different tourist attraction sites found in the area and the many activities you can carry out and these include the following:

Get to explore the Hell-Ville

Hell-Ville is the considered to be the capital city of Nosey Be and it’s also known as Andoany. It was named after admiral de Hell who was a French governor during the colonial times. The city is charming and does not resemble anything like its name Hell-Ville suggests. There are several things that you can do when you get to the capital city like the different markets where you will get to buy all the fresh vegetables and other foods sold straight from the gardens, try Karaoke singing in one of the many bars that are located in the capital, visit the different shopping Centres and also get to meet the different ethnic groups of people who are living in the area. Hell-Ville is also filled with old colonial buildings and these will give you an insight on how people used to live during the French colonial era.

Exploring and diving at Nosey Be

At the sea shores of the Nosey Be, you will be able to view the humpback whales and some dolphins that are always washing up to the coast irrelevant of the weather. Whale watching can mostly done from the months of September to November and the reason as to why these are these best months is that in most countries the water becomes too cold for the whales while the water in Madagascar the water remains warm even during the winter season and this attracts many whales to the area. And due to the presence of the many coral reefs in the area, you will also be able to engage in diving.

Besides watching whales, you will also get to see the different fish species, participate in fish sporting and also get to see turtles on the shore. Therefore if you are tired of your daily routine in Madagascar, Nosey Be will give the much needed change in routine with all the fun activities.

Meet the locals

What better way to get to more about a place than meeting and mixing with the locals? The strategic location of the Nosey Be in the southern part of the country gives you ample time and chance to visit and mix with the locals who live in the area. You will definitely need a local guide who will take you through the different villages and will act as an interpreter for you since most of the people living in the area normally speak French and Malagasy.

When you meet the locals you will learn about their different heritage, the difference between their cultures and also get to buy the locally made crafts from beads, clothes, hair accessories and not forgetting the delicious food that is sold both at the road sides and in restaurants.

Visit the Mont Passot

Mont Passot is paradise in Madagascar with all that it has to offer. It is one of the various Islands that are found on Madagascar and it is one of the few that gives you the perfect sunrise and sunset views in the country and with the dormant volcano that in the area, viewing of the two has been made quite easy.  There are three routes that you can use while hiking and these include the Antsahamanavaka route which takes you through the forest past the waterfall, the Amparihibe hike route which will take you through the plantations of ylang-Ylang and sacred lakes and lastly the Antsidihy route which provides borders with the perfect view of the different endemic species in the area.

For all those that love hiking, this is also a perfect place for you to exercise due to the presence of the volcano. The Passot is surrounded with a large number of crater lakes which amount to eight and these can be explored, used for fishing and you get to see the Nile crocodiles.

Visit the Antananarivo

Antananarivo is the capital city of Madagascar and one should not miss out on visiting it while on a tour in Nosey Be. There are various tourist attraction sites that you will be able to see when you visit this crowded city and what better to find out the different things you will see other than by visiting Nosey Be and getting to know them.

Join in the Music festival

Nosey Be Island holds one of the best music festivals in Madagascar and it is normally held either in the months of May or June. The festival takes close to four days and many people will come from all over the world just to get a glimpse of this four day festival.

You will experience the good traditional music played during the festival because the music played unites all the different ethnic groups that are found in Madagascar, join in the carnivores and other special events that are carried out during the festival.

Visit the Nosey Islands the island

Near Nosey Be are two Islands which provide the perfect place for shopping and other activities. The two Islands include the Nosey Komba and the Nosey Iranja are separated from each other by a simple strip of sand and these have various shops, activities that you can carry out while on your trio to the Island.

  • Nosey Komba

Nosey Komba is a Malagasy word which means the Lemur Island and it is just adjacent to the Nosey Iranja and it is a home to many black lemurs. A visit to the Nosey Komba will give you a chance to get a close up with the black lemurs as they jump from tourists’ shoulders trying to get a grab at the food or whatever you will be holding in your hands.

  • Nosey Iranja

The Nosey Iranja which is located in the southern part has various bird species which is perfect for birders, it has the rare species if hawksbill turtles and various plant species like palm trees, coconuts and not forgetting the luscious beach where different activities can be carried out. It can be enjoyed by both the children and the adults.

Get to know the culture in the country

Nosey Be has a great and rich culture as it has a very large number of people living in the area. You will find Africans, Indonesians, Arabs and other ethnic groups here and they will all give you a warm welcome. The rich Malagasy culture will be experienced in Nosey Be as you take part in the different cultural activities that are organized by the Madagascar government and you will also see the oldest Indian cemetery that was constructed during the colonial era.

When you visit Marodoka which is one of the towns that are located in Nosey Be, you will get a clear view of the remains of the first Arab Mosque in the country and in this same area you will find the locals who put it upon themselves to protect all the cultural heritage sites and these are known as the Ravinala. And as you mix with the Malagasy people, get to know the different phrases that they use like ‘mora’ ‘mora which is a reference to how they live their life with a slow motion pace.

Shopping in Nosey Be

You cannot go to a foreign country and not do some shopping for some unique souvenirs and this also applies to Madagascar. The island has a lot to offer when it comes to souvenirs and your visit to Nosey Be will leave you mesmerized with all the unique things that you will find in the different gift shops and from the locals around the Island.

The food in Nosey Be

Nosey Be is known to have different ethnic groups of people living in the area and this means different kinds of food sold. The food that is sold in the markets located in Nosey Be is always fresh from the gardens and cheap depending on the season. Try out the different fruits on the market, the local cuisines that are prepared by the locals and many more other dishes like French cuisines.



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