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Mauritius is a country that will keep on surprising you at every turn and fishing is one of the many things that you can carry out while on the Island that will definitely keep you entertained all throughout your stay on the Island. The Island is the perfect place for tourists who are interested in Billfishing as they are plenty in the country and can be caught in the different fishing grounds in the country.

Mauritius has both inland fishing grounds and deep sea fishing and all these are well participated in. Deep sea fishing is mostly carried out by those that love big fish species like sharks although there are also other species that you can get from the deep sea. Before you head out for fishing in Mauritius, you will be provided with all the fishing equipment that you need.

For all tourists who want to carry out fishing while in Mauritius, you will need a fishing permit before you are allowed to go fishing at any of the fishing grounds in Mauritius and you will also need to book a fishing boat in advance since during the peak season for fishing, the boats are not readily available.

Species of Fish Caught in Mauritius Waters

The sailfish,

the sailfish is found in the numerous fishing grounds in Mauritius and it weighs a maximum of 40lbs. It is an extremely fast fish and extremely hard to catch and therefore you will need to be patient.

The Bonito fish,

this belongs to the Tuna fish family and is one of the most popular fish species caught on the Island. The Bonito fish weighs about 40lbs and it can be caught at the different fishing grounds that are found in Mauritius.

The yellowfin Tuna,

the yellowfin Tuna is famously caught between the months of March and April and just like the sailfish, it is incredibly fast and hard to catch and it has a weight of 40olbs.

The Dorado,

also known as the dolphin fish the Dorado is a popular fish species that is caught in Mauritius. It can be found in the different fishing grounds around the Island and weighs 70lbs.

The Wahoo fish,

the wahoo fish weighs about 120lbs and is popular on the fish menu for fishers who visit the Island. It is also an extremely hard fish to capture due to its fast nature.

The cobalt blue marlin,

the cobalt marlin weighs about 1500lbs and is one of the largest fish species caught on the Island. The cobalt blue marlin numbers are on the rise between the months of November to April making it the best time for one to go fishing for one of the famous fish species on the Island.

The Skipjack Tuna,

this can be caught all throughout the year and weighs about 45lbs. it is common on the market in Mauritia and can be canned for sale at later dates.

There are many fishing grounds in Mauritius and these are found in the different parts of the country, however the western part of the Island is known to have the best fishing grounds on the Island.

Fishing in the Pamplemousses district

The Pamplemousses district covers part of the North West and Northern part of the Mauritius. It was named after the grape fruit and is a home to some of the best fishing grounds in Mauritius for example the Grand bay. The most commonly caught fish here is the wahoo fish species and they are in plenty from the months of September to January. Other fish species include the blue shark, the Mahi-Mahi, the Barracuda and many more others.

Fishing on the Le Morne Brabant Island

The Le Morne Brabant located in the south western part of the Mauritian Island is commonly known for the UNESCO heritage site that the Le Morne Mountain that is found on the Island. It is where most of the slaves lost their lives as they jumped off the Mountain so as not to go back into slavery. The Island is mostly known for water sports especially kite and wind surfing but as you head out deeper on the sides of the island, you will discover one of the largest fishing grounds on the Island. Some of the fish species that you will be able to catch while here include the Tuna fish which is most popular here, the Skipjack Tuna and the yellowfin fish.

Fishing in the Eastern coast of Mauritius

The Mauritian east coast has some of the best inland fishing grounds in the country. There are a variety of fish species that can be caught here with some of them being small while others are big and the fish species that are caught here include barracudas, yellowfin tunas, giant trevallies and many more others. The fish is majorly caught either around the Trou d’Eau Douce or the post la Fayette all of which are located near the eastern coast. Besides enjoying the fishing expedition, you will also be able to explore the lagoons and coral reefs that act as fish breeding grounds.

Fishing methods in Mauritius

Most fishing expeditions in Mauritius is done on ships especially for those who go for deep water fishing but when it comes to inland fishing, normal boats are used for fishing. The most commonly used methods for fishing and the types of fish that are caught using the said methods are:

  • Bottom fishing method, this is used when fishing some of the large fish species in the country like sharks, snappers and albula.
  • Trolling method, this is used to catch Tuna fish species, wahoo, quails, the Dorado Tuna and the blue Marlin fish species.

Mauritius also has many fishing banks that are recommended by the local fishermen as some of the best places to go out for fishing on the Island.

  • The island of St Brandon, this is one of the best banks for tourists to carry out trophy fishing. The best months to go fishing here are from October to December and April to May.
  • The Sudanese banks, this is also a good place for one to go fishing and some of the fish species you will get here include the wahoo, the dog toothed tuna and the black marlin.

When to go fishing in Mauritius

Fishing in Mauritius can be done almost throughout the whole year but sometimes it depends on the fish species that you want to fish while in the country. The fishing season according to months has been listed below so that you can choose the right time for you to go to Mauritius for a fishing expedition.

Fishing in January

January is a known season for the wahoo fish and it is also the last month that you will get to enjoy catching this type of fish. They might not be as much as before but you will be ensured of catching some of them.


Fishing in February

February is a peak month for the blue marlin fish and the sailfish. Both fish species are tough to catch and will keep you on your toes while on the Island.

Fishing in March

This is the peak season for the yellowfin Tuna and the Skipjack fish all which can be caught in the numerous fishing grounds that are scattered across the Island.

Fishing in May

This is a peak season for the yellowfin Tuna fish species and as the month comes to an end, you will be able to catch some Mahi-Mahi species.

Fishing in June

This is the perfect time for you to go deep sea fishing in Mauritius and the fish species that you will get here include the Barracuda. These are common during June and can be caught as soon as you let your fishing rod into the waters.

Fishing in August

August in Mauritius is the best time for pelagic fishing and if you are also interested in sharks, then this is the best time for you to visit the Island.

Fishing in September

This is the best time for all those interested in the Wahoo fish. It is also a good time for getting the Tuna and the blue Marlin fish on the Island.

Fishing in October

October is not a month that commonly sees fishing in Mauritius but you can still try fishing especially in the morning hours and the most commonly caught fish during this month is the Tuna fish.

Fishing in November

The Dogtooth Tuna is best fished during the month of November. They breed a lot in this month and you are guaranteed in getting a high number of Tuna fish in November.

Fishing in December

December is a god time for all those interested in catching the Blue Marlin fish species because this is the time when the Blue marlin fish species is on the rise and it can be fished from the different fishing grounds around the Island.

There are numerous packages that are given to tourists who visit the Island of Mauritius that is half day fishing packages and full day fishing packages. These are given out to tourists depending on the amount of money that is paid by the tourists. Pack up a bag and head down to the Island of Mauritius where you will not only enjoy fishing but also get to explore the whole island at large.

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