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The Rodriguez Island also known as the Ile Rodriguez is Island that is worth visiting. It is best known for the beaches and all the relaxation centers found on the Island but there is more to it. The island can be found along the Indian Ocean not so far away from the Mauritius Island and it will not take you more than an hour to get to this island which is described by many who visit it as paradise. The main activities that are carried out by the locals who live on the Island are agriculture and fishing.

The Rodriguez Island is an all year round destination for tourists and it has tourist attractions for all types of tourists that is honeymooners, families, friends, children among others making it the perfect destination for a holiday away from the busy city centers. Note that the Island has three sources of water that is underground water, bottled water and rain water and that is why you will find that there is a scarcity of water on the Island sometimes.

Getting to and around the Rodriguez Island

The small nature of the Island allows for easy movement while travelling within it and there are several transportation means that are used to get to the Island and within the Island.

  • Air transportation is the best transportation used to get to the Island. There are several flights that jet into the Island from the different countries and although there are no direct flights to the Island, you will still get there in peace and all you need to do is to get in touch with a trusted agent to get you there.
  • Water transportation can also be used to get to the Island not with the many cruises that come and go from the Mauritius Island. These are luxurious cruises and if you are in a hurry, this is not the best transportation means as it is slow and can take months before reaching the Island.

When you get into the country, there are numerous transport means that you can use that is road transport which includes riding bicycle, taking taxis, buses or hiring out a van to take you around the Island. And if you are fit enough, you can as well enjoy taking a nature walk around the Island.

What you need to know before going to the Rodriguez Island

Just like any other tourist destination that you can go to for a trip, there a few things that you need to know about the Rodriguez Island before you travel so that you get to see whether it is a perfect destination for you or not.

  • The Island has two seasons that is winter and summer and these have different activities that can be carried out by tourists and you need to know which season is conducive for you. The temperatures are not all that high and are favorable for most activities.
  • The Island sometimes is faced with scarcity of water since it does not receive enough rainfall. This is a warning so that if possible you carry your own bottled water just in case or if not, use the available water sparingly.
  • The Island has bad network and for those who are used to communicating online, you will need to put your phones away for the duration that you will be on the Island.
  • English is the official language on the Island, however most of the locals do not understand and cannot speak English and that is why you will need a tour guide to help with the translations.
  • The island is majorly covered in hills and therefore you should prepare for hikes almost across the whole Island.

Things to do in Rodriguez Island

There are many things and activities that one can engage in while on the Rodriguez Island and some of the best have been listed below so that you can add them onto your bucket list.

Take a food trip around the Island

Just like Mauritius, the Rodriguez Island is a one stop center for all foodies not with all the various dishes that are prepared on the Island. Rodriguez Island is filled with different ethnic groups of people that is Indians, creole, Arabs, Chinese and Europeans and all these have their various dishes that they prepare which can be tasted by all tourists who visit the island for food tours. The food tasting can either be done from the various restaurants that are located on the Island or the street food carts.

There is an abundance of sea food due to the Island’s location and some of the sea foods that are mostly enjoyed on the Island include the octopus, all types of fish, the Island’s staple food that is rice among other dishes. There is no right time for you to go for the food tour on the Island because the food tours always take place throughout the year irrelevant of the weather.

Enjoy the water sports on the Island

The Rodriguez Island is a top destination for all tourists who love water sports. Its strategic location allows for the easy water sports and some of the most common ones that you can engage in while on the island include scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, wind and kite surfing and cruises among others. The clear waters that surround the island have allowed for the safe engaging of all the water sports here especially diving and fishing.

Visit the Botanical garden Jardin des 5 sens

The botanical garden which is a home to rare flora and fauna species was opened up in the year 2012. It was a former corn field before it was turned into a botanical garden but ever since its official opening, it has become a tourist spot for all tourists who visit the Island.

Explore the Ile aux Cocos

The Ile aux Cocos is a small Islet that is found on the island of Mauritius. It is best reached using a boat and due to endemic flora and fauna and not forgetting the beach on the island, it has become a top tourist attraction site on the Rodriguez Island. You will however need a permit in order to be able to access the aux Cocos and once you are in, a guided walk through the Islet will reward you with quite a large number of sea birds, a number of animal species, you also get a chance to enjoy some water sports like snorkeling and swimming and after the long trek through the Islet, you get to rest at the beach and enjoy a picnic with your friends.

Relax at the beaches in Rodriguez

The Rodriguez Island has a lot of beaches that are scattered all over its different corners and with their secluded location, they offer tourists the privacy and the relaxation that you need. Note that there is hardly any network on the Island and you will not be able to communicate with your friends. So if you are looking for a holiday filled with relaxation, fun and away from the rest of the world, then the Rodriguez Island is the right place for you to go to for your holiday.

Enjoy some outdoor activities on the Island

The Rodriguez Island is a paradise for all tourists who want to carry out all the needed outdoor activities. The strategic location, weather and landscape on the Island is just perfect for most of the outdoor activities which include:

  • Hiking on the Island,

    this can be done at the different tourist destinations on the Island that is the game reserves, the hills, the Grande Anse, the beach and many more other places. The hills will give a perfect view of the Island and the Indian Ocean once you get to the top.

  • Exploring the beach,

    this is an outdoor activity that every tourist who visits the Island. It is the perfect place for someone to spend a holiday while at the same time relaxing.

  • Take a nature walk through the island,

    this is one of the best ways that one can get to meet and mix with the locals to learn mora out their culture and their history.

  • Camping,

    give yourself a weekend away from all the hustle and bustle of the urban Centres and head out to the Rodriguez island and get to enjoy camping on the Island. You can join the locals who build up campfires or bonfires around the beaches and get to enjoy some of the stories that are shared around the bonfire as you also enjoy the wild.

While carrying out the different outdoor activities on the island of Rodriguez, make sure that you go with a tour guide who will ensure that you enjoy all your activities with less glitches to your trip.

The Island has a lot of accommodation facilities that you can use while there and these fall under the different categories that is basic accommodation facilities, midrange accommodation facilities and luxurious accommodation facilities. These can be got depending on your budget but all in all you need to book early so that you get the best when it comes to accommodation.


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