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Helicopter tours in Mauritius

A helicopter ride around the Island of Mauritius is a one life time experience filled with beauty and uniqueness. It is the best option of transportation that can be used by all tourists who want to explore the whole Island in a very short period of time. When it comes to helicopter rides, Mauritius is blessed with numerous tourist attractions that every tourist should visit but due to limited time, it is always impossible except for those that use a helicopter. It provides you with the best bird view and since there are many options of helicopter rides that you can choose from so that enjoy your trip while on the Island of Mauritius.

Helicopters in Mauritius either use helipads or airports before they take tourists on a tour around the Island and most of the helipads in the country are found around hotels and resorts. The helipads in Mauritius are always open and these are found in the different parts of the country and below is a list of some of the most commonly used helipads in Mauritius by tourists. These are located in the different resorts and hotels which include:

Helipads in the Eastern part of Mauritius

  • The Shangri-La’s Touessrok resort and spa
  • The prince Maurice hotel
  • The one and only St. Geran
  • The Constance Belle Mare Plage Hotel

Helipads in the south western part of Mauritius

  • The Avalon
  • The Bel Ombre
  • The Le paradise Hotel
  • The Varangue sur Morne

Helipads in the Northern part of Mauritius

  • The Maritim hotel
  • The Lux Grand Gaube hotel
  • The Royal Palm

Helipads in the south eastern part of Mauritius

  • The domaine du Chasseur
  • The SSR international air port

The advantages of having a guided helicopter tour in Mauritius

  • Helicopter rides are private and you do not have to share it with other tourists.
  • The guided helicopter ride will take you wherever you want to go for as it was already in your itinerary.
  • The tour guide who is at the same time your tour guide will be able to explain all the sights that you will get to see while flying over Mauritius.
  • There is an assurance that you fly to all your destinations and then come back safe and sound.


Importance of using helipads

  • It is a perfect for tourists who want their privacy while going for their tours around the Island.
  • Using a helipad ensures that you have a safe takeoff and landing.

Helicopter rides in Mauritius are used by tourists for different purposes and these include transfers to different hotels but they are mostly used for sightseeing.

A helicopter ride at the sea

It is not exactly a helicopter that is used here but a sea plane which will take you around Mauritius where you will get to see so many interesting things around the Island and below is something that you should expect while at a sea plane ride.

  • Privacy, you will be granted full privacy while in the plane as it will be only you and your pilot who is also your tour guide.
  • You will get to see the different beaches, islands, yachts, boats and all the things that are connected to water.

It is an experience that is known to be exciting and worth it especially during the take off and then getting to see everything from a bird’s point of view. The sea plane trip will take cost about 339 euros for an hour and 170 euros for a single person just to get a good view of the water filled part of Mauritius.

Sightseeing helicopter ride in Mauritius

A sightseeing helicopter ride will give you a great bird view of all the different tour destinations in the Northern part of Mauritius and the rest of the regions. It will take you over some of the best land marks that are located in the Northern Part of the country and once you get there, you will realize that it is not all that expensive as it has been made out to be. Sightseeing can either be done with other people or you can just order for a private helicopter ride over Mauritia. A private helicopter ride takes about a maximum of six people and this goes for either twenty five minutes or forty five minutes. As earlier on noted, the sightseeing helicopter rides in Mauritius have several routes they take and these are:

  • A helicopter ride to the Northern part of the Mauritius Island.
  • A sightseeing helicopter ride to the west and south western part of Mauritia.
  • A sightseeing helicopter ride to the eastern part of Mauritia.

Sightseeing is what most tourists want to do when they decide to visit the Mauritius Island and who wouldn’t want a bird view of the whole Island. All you will need is to carry your camera and make sure that you keep time so that you are not left behind to get a view of the best tourist attractions below with a few of them being listed below.

A helicopter tour over the Chamarel waterfalls

The Chamarel waterfall is one trip that you should not miss out on especially if you are using a helicopter. They are located within the Black Gorges national Park and surrounded by the beautiful flora and fauna that makes it a more beautiful scenery. And as you get a bird view of the falls, you will also be able to see the land of seven colors from a different angle in a helicopter and if you are lucky you can still get down and enjoy scooping up some of the colored soil as a souvenir.

A helicopter ride over the underwater waterfalls

The underwater waterfall is one of the many waterfalls that are found in Mauritius and quite a sight to see when you get there. It is best seen when one is in a helicopter and this is because when you are on ground level, it is hard to tell whether it is a water fall or not. The underwater waterfall is an illusion water fall that is it is just water flowing over the sand at just the right angle and looking at it from a helicopter point of view, it looks exactly like a waterfall creating a beautiful scenery.

Helicopter ride over the le Morne Mountain

Located in the south western part of the Mauritius Island, this is one of the tourist attractions that you will get to see while enjoying a helicpter ride. The Le Morne was declared a UNESCO heritage site in the year 2008 and this is because of its attachement to the slaves who died here during the colonial era. During the colonial era, many slaves ran away after being mistreated and went on to live in the Le Morne Mountain. When slave trade was abolished on the Island, soldiers were sent up the Mountain to inform the slaves but on seeing the soldiers, most of the slaves thought that they were going to be arrested and they fell from the Mountain and died. The Mauritians now see it as a form of freedom from being treated like animals. It s also a home to many animals most of which are endemic to the Mountain and although it might be hard to see all these while enjoying a helicopter ride, the aerial view of the Le Morne Brabant will be worth your trip to the Mauritius Island.

There is no right or wrong time for a helicopter ride as Helicopter rides in Mauritius are becoming a trend in Mauritius and although they may sound expensive, they are quite worth all the money you will spend. But just like any other tour within the Island, you will need to book in advance so that you get to enjoy your trip with less or no glitches.